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    Default looking for someone in NC to train my mini to drive

    Hello everybody,

    I have this wonderful little mini mare who needs a job and a weight loss program. I have a couple of warmbloods so I only have $200 to spend on the mini outside of trimming and vet care. So I'm looking for a place to put her where she can learn to drive and get proper care for $200 in NC. Anybody know of a place/trainer like that?

    Thanks in advance for any leads!
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    I know lots of driving trainers - but none who'd take a horse (even a mini) for only $200/month! If you find someone for that price I'd be afraid to leave an animal with him/her. A mini is a horse and requires the same training as any other equine. If you want to drive and want to drive safely, spend the money and get the horse properly trained. JMO
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    I don't understand how, if it costs $200 per month to board the mini, you could expect it to be boarded AND trained to drive for the same cost.

    Quality board and train for driving horses in my personal experience was about $1,000 per month and it was worth every penny of it to have the job done right.

    Maybe you could spend time with the mini doing some of the groundwork prep- teaching her to accept the harness, learning to ground-drive, etc. If done well, that could reduce the amount of time the professional has to invest in getting her driving safely. I was able to do that with one of mine and reduce the time he had to spend at the trainer's, thus saving me some money.

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    Well... I'll pm you with a farm that will do it for that price, who trained my mini, and did a darn good job of it. BUT, the "trainer" is a teenager (assisted by her father) and may have a waiting list because yes, she's that great and 100% treats the ponies like her own, she's working ponies from dawn until well after sunset. I left my boy there for 3 months, he's broke to ride and drive, on the trail, over water, and down the road. Would he be ready to go into the show ring? No. Camping? YEP! He's a darn good little pleasure driving pony and i really havent found too many gaps in his training that more time driving hasnt fixed. However, he was a VERY bright little boy in the first place.

    This is the only farm i would trust sending my mini to for this price. The reputable trainers i found charge in the range of $550-800 in the NC/SC/GA area and didnt cover everything i wanted done with him, which was exposure out of the arena as much as possible since i spend no time in an arena... Not many could give me much trail experience, up and down hills, over water, and down the roads with traffic simply due to their location and lack of wanting to load everything up to haul somewhere they could expose them to such.

    The gaps in training? She would pop the rein with voice command to go instead of using a whip, it took me a week to put him to a whip aid and get over the popping the rein deal. She uses overchecks, so i've tossed that out and i'm getting him to round over the topline better and have nicer transitions.

    Aside from that, he's been great, still green of course, 3 months of training doesnt finish an animal in any discipline, but it was a WONDERFUL start! It's really hard to find kids these days that do a good job and love what they are doing. I sure hope this girl sticks with it!

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