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    Default Need opinion/thoughts on "the next step"

    I'll try to be brief as best as I can. I'm one of those worry warts that needs to have a next step ahead of time "just in case."

    My horse is in Stall Prison being treated with IV Oxytet for Lyme. We have already done 30 days of Doxy.

    He began to show back pain symptoms way back Sept. 09. I thought I had solved that with a saddle fitter, a new saddle and my vet's blessings. Due to work scheduling my guy basically had the winter off. He's a 7 yr. old.

    Back into work come spring and back pain returns. To shorten the story, he started showing symptoms of Lyme (unexplained high fever, lethargy) after we xrayed to rule out kissing spine, stifles and hocks. All clean. His Lyme titre came back high positive. So vet is convinced the back pain is from the Lyme "according to Dr. Divers that's one of the places it manifests".

    So here is where I need some opinions. I have asked the vet where we go "IF" the Oxytet doesn't work. He suggested acupuncture and then shrugs and says that he's at a loss after that.

    I can use Dr. Sean Bowman for the acupuncture or I can get Dr. Joyce Harmon (who I have used in the past for 2 others, one successful, one not so). Any opinions or thoughts of what you would do for the "what if this doesn't work"?
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    I've seen almost this precise scenario with a couple of other horses I've known who had tough Lyme cases. Both took a couple of years (with flare-ups, yuk) to resolve, but they did resolve.

    The worse of the two needed a chiro adjustment after his second go-round with the Lyme, along with accupuncture and massage. His body-soreness and the way he dealt with that had created quite the set of issues. So that might be something you can look into.

    The other case I'm familiar with did very well with a regular massage and exercise routine, once he was non-symptomatic for the Lyme. This owner also used some immune-boosting supplement recommended by our vet. I can't recall what it was, but it seemed to help and I think she opted to just keep her horse on it pretty much forever.

    When first beginning treatment for the Lyme, both horses got very sore and didn't want to be touched at all. The vets recommended waiting on the additional therapies until the horses were accepting, and that seemed to work well.

    Good luck ... it's a very frustrating illness.

    ETA: Both Dr. Bowman and Dr. Harmon are very good. Another excellent chiro/accupuncture vet who serves your area is Stephen Dill.
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