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    Default Rehabilitation/Layup Barns

    Hi Everyone –
    Looking to get a general feel and education about the current world of rehabilitation/layup barns. If you could answer a few questions for me please….

    1) Where are you located?
    2) Under what circumstances would you send your horse to a rehabilitation barn OR expect a horse (not necessarily yours) to go to a rehabilitation farm?
    3)What facilities/staffing would you expect or require?

    If anyone has anything else to share I’d love to hear it.


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    Pacific Northwest


    1-I'm in the Pacific Northwest.
    2-I have used two rehab facilities. One was Pegasus in Redmond, WA (( That horse had surgery at a nearby clinic and I had him spend 2 months at Pegasus so they could deal with the first period of stall rest and handwalking. He was young and had never been so confined and he's big, so I really didn't want to do it myself. Plus the surgeon was able to check him every week, and there were lots of meds and such that Pegasus took care of. Great place, great care, great big price, but worth it!
    Another place is small and in Oregon -- I have used it for a horse that needed special therapy (aquatred) and also just recently to take care of a horse that needed some IV meds over a number of days and I don't do the IV shots. Price is more reasonable.
    Most of my horses, I've done the rehab myself or with help (trainer).
    3-I don't require Pegasus, but it is an example of "all that and more" -- everything you could ever ask for in a rehab facility. If there was a small place close to me that could just do stall rest/small paddock/handwalking or eurociser and provided really good care, I might consider using it when that kind of stuff is needed.
    I guess I'm not sure what you are looking for --are you considering starting a rehab place? Maybe this info will help.

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    Feb. 18, 2005


    Hi HorsePoor - Thanks for your reply! Yes, I am **considering** starting a rehab place. I know in this economy it does not make sense....

    I already have the facility - just trying to think of what all is involved, what sort of additional equipment/facility changes I would need to make. I have not been able to find a book that covers rehabilitation facilities specifically - am I missing something? (I know about the countless books on rehabilitation techniques.)

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    1) NC/SC line
    2) We offer Aquatred, handwalking, medication, shipping to and from vet, ice, wrapping, riding, etc. Essentially we can offer anything the horse might need to heal.
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    If I had the injuries to manage that my mare had last year, I would have moved her to rehab in a heartbeat, based on the experience of trying to do rehab care in a non-rehab but otherwise excellent facility.

    To me, the driving, #1 consideration in choosing a rehab facility would be FLEXIBILITY. Flexibility of care, availability of a variety of turnout options that your horse can be shifted among as needed, and ability of staff to change when change is needed.

    For my mare, she could have gotten out of stall rest much sooner if there were a way to turn her out in a smallish space alone or with another quiet horse. For her, getting back outside is as important as getting sound, and plays a big role in her recovery. Right now we are recovering from an injury she got in the process of being reintroduced to turnout -- preventing this injury (bad herd dynamics on re-intro) would be worth the additional cost of rehab care. The second injury is costing us as much riding time as the first, almost!

    Many boarding barns have very structured arrangements (this is the gelding field; this is the mare field; this is stall rest; no place to turnout in between)

    The most valuable quality of a rehab to me is the ability of the place to offer flexibility and to be able to help you follow complex / changing vet and rehab care instructions.
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    (1) Louisville, KY area

    (2) I sent my horse to a rehab facility that was highly recommended by several people after his colic surgery. I felt the boarding barn I was at, couldn't meet his specific needs as well as a rehab facility could. And I knew I wasn't going to take him back there anyways. The rehab facility was about 45 minutes from my house so not bad at all (I went out on the weekends).

    (3) All I expected was for the facility to follow Vet's orders and keep me in the loop. It was a plus that my current Vet was their Vet too. So on his regular visits to the farm, he would check on my guy too.

    My guy was there for about 2 months. The place was awesome and really met his needs. They have nice airy box stalls w/ dutch doors and small attached runs. And also a small regular t/o paddock. So for his needs... it was perfect. We could gradually introduce t/o (start w/ the attached run and then eventually a few hours in the small paddock alone). And she hand grazed him for me daily. And kept close tabs on his temp, water and food consumption... along w/ output.

    She is a Rehab/Broodmare/Retirement facility all in one... and pretty much is the only person there (she did have a person or two that would help feed/clean stalls/etc. when my guy was there). And she lives on the property. She kept me posted on his progress and welcomed me to come and visit anytime.

    When my guy is ready to retire, that's where he is going. I have a friend who already has her gelding retired there. And my guy loves the babies so he could be a nice babysitter.

    I highly recommend it to anyone in the area. Melody is awesome! And it's a nice smaller facility so definitely personalized care.

    My guy is listed on her Rehab page...
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