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    Mar. 19, 2007

    Default Pls tell me about Rejuvenaide & Foalaide - do they help?

    I ordered some Rejuvenaide for our new colt yesterday - has anyone used this (or Foalaide) and felt like it made a difference? Which did you use, and for what leg issue? What dosage did you use, and for how long?

    Our guy needs as much help as we can give him to get his back tendons strong asap (to prevent damage to his hock joints), so I figured it wouldn't hurt to try the Rejuvenaide. I'd love to hear what some other COTHers' experiences with these products have been though.

    More details about his condition are on this thread:

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    Oct. 23, 2005
    Manheim, Pa.

    Default Don Kapper
    Don will help you with any questions or absolutely any concerns you have.....
    Rejuvenaide is the greatest. Talk to Don you will probably have to put on a larger than normal dose. He will ask for pictures and the weight and height of your foal.
    Good Luck

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    Oct. 3, 2002
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    Yes, yes, yes and yes.

    I've used Rejuvenaide for several foals, and will not foal without having the stuff on hand.

    It made a HUGE difference with the January colt who couldn't stand at first.
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    Apr. 6, 2007
    Prospect, Ky.


    Ask Don about First Foal creep feed, also by Progressive, which is actually milk with some vitamins and minerals coating the pellets. I don"t want my fellow to eat all day, (which he would), so I give him a portion of the daily allowance when his mom is fed and it works really well. He has tended to have tendons that are tight, but after a couple of weeks on the feed, he is straight and strong. I'm sold on the stuff. Peg
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    Jan. 1, 2006


    I tend to have very leggy, tall horses from my 16-3 hand TB mare. She actually throws height on ANY stallion. Becuse they are so leggy, I get wind swept foals, or a not so perfect leg at first, I have used it, and also use the Progressive Foals first which has the reguvinate in it. I had one colt in particular that I was worried about. I even had the surgeon out to see him a couple of times, but we just kept him in his 12/24 stall for about 3 weeks with very limited turnout (1 hr per day) and he turned out to be perfect!!. I know the stall rest had alot to do with it, so he would not get fatigued and stress the leg, but I think the reguvinate helped too.

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    Mar. 19, 2007


    Thanks so far everyone - sounds like it is worth a shot!
    Work - feed - ride - shovel poop - repeat.

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