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    Default Horses' ability to adapt to heat?


    I'm possibly/maybe looking at a job in Austin, Texas. I currently live in the PNW and my mare was born and raised here.

    For those who have made that kind of move, have your horses adapted to the heat ok? We'd be going from a few days a summer of hot weather 100F+ to months of it.

    She doesn't look really "thrilled" about the few hot days we get (sweats a lot, hides in the shade). Part of me thinks that a) I worry too much, and b) she never has a chance to adapt to it here. The other part is worried she'd be miserable down there.

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    Yes they do adapt. I moved from Rhode Island to Kentucky and the summers down here are much warmer then up there. In the afternoons I hosed them off to cool them off and remove the sweat.

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    I had the opposite problem, I brought all mine up from the deep south to the frozen tundra!

    I was VERY worried this winter since it was so brutal. But they all did just fine.

    Paco is the only one who doesn't seem to love the heat. He hangs in front of the fan with his wobbly lip flapping in the breeze. In the cool of the morning and evening he turns into a wild man
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