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    Default Best Topical to Reduce Scarring

    OK -- I had one of my 2 yr. old fillies somehow get one of her hind legs into a strand of smooth wire from the fence.

    Good news -- no muscle or tendon damage -- she hasn't taken a lame step so far.

    Bad news -- I am suppose to keep a pressure bandage on it to press the loose flap of skin/tissue back on top of the wound. This is suppose to be changed every 2 days. THAT is simply NOT happening. Doesn't matter what drug I put into her, she is close to impossible for me to treat this way. FINALLY I got some super, "knock 'em on their butt" IV meds from the vet and got the wound cleaned and re-dressed (from the vet's original dressing), but that med is $55 per this was a one shot deal.

    So Plan B is to remove the bandage in the next few days and just apply a topical ointment/cream to help the wound heal and reduce scarring.

    Any suggestions?

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    Calendula ointment is incredible. You can get 1-oz. tubes and 3.5-oz. jars at health food stores. If you plan to use a lot, go to either or and get a 13-oz. jar.
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    i love the healing tree products with tea tree oil in them! they have always worked well on my horse who is turned out with 6 other horses.
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    I had a yearling that had a decent sized gash in his gaskin, in a spot that could not be stitched or bandaged. I used plain old Novalsan, applied as often as I could, and it healed up beautifully with no scar.

    Another thing you can do is after it is healed up, is to put Vitamin E oil on it.
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    I agree that Panalog might be your best friend right now. As a steroidal antibiotic, it is a BIG help in keeping proud flesh at bay, which is going to be the biggest problem with getting hair re-grown.
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    Corona ointment on a diaper and then wrapped with vet wrap and then a standing bandage over it. Will heal nicely with little scarring IF you keep it up until it is really healed.

    We are currently doing this on a friend's yearling for her. Horse had to be drugged at first but was well worth it for a few days. She now stands fine for us even though she had her mom buffaloed at the start.

    Patience and treats work wonders.

    Good luck,

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    Whatever you have to do to prevent proud flesh is your best bet. Once the proud flesh starts, all bets are off for it healing with little to no scarring or odd shaped puffiness.

    Any reason WHY she won't stand to have it handled? I had a bad cut on my long yearling filly last fall, and while she didn't WANT to stand, she did. She would try to lay down when you picked up that leg, but she soon figured out that she still had to let me doctor it. That was with twice-a-day rewrapping, and she also had to stand tied for up to an hour while it dried out some. Since it was right near the coronet band, we were dealing with vetwrap and duct tape as well. It sucked for sure, but she learned very quickly that she would stand or else.

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    Had great luck with Schreiners solution on this type of wound. The more I use the stuff the more I am impressed with it. I was impressed with how quickly the damage healed, no proud flesh, and little inflammation.

    I had a similar accident happen to my filly - smooth wire tangled around both hind legs. No major damages and just hosed her w/ cold water for 4 days and applied the Schreiners 2x day.

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