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    Default no rub stirrup leathers

    Best ones? I know there is a thread somewhere about this. I'm using mole skin, wrapping tape, and tall boots, still get rubs on my shins. Very painful, especially in the shower after I ride. Help, please! I run and ride, and have very defined shins with very little padding on them.
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    I have a pair of Courbette micro-fibre Smartchoice leathers. I love them! VTO sells them. They do not stretch, and may be what might work for you!

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    How about an offset eye instead?

    Then the leathers don't hit your shins at all.

    MDC has both jointed & non, HS has jointed...

    But you can pick up a set WAY cheaper at Libertyville--about the same price as regular irons, a wee bit more... just plain fillis stirrups with an offset eye.

    ETA: Here's the link, their website is a PITA as the search function does not work.
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    Kathy-the irons with the offset eye will help more than different leathers. Meanwhile, if you slap at the rubs smartly as you get into the shower, they won't sting as much-honest.

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    I have two ideas for you. I use 2 layers of nylon socks with the feet cut off. That way they rub each other and not me, and the friction is dissipated. The other option, that works really well for extra rough spots is tucking a piece of foam inside the nylon sock with not foot. I use this when I am riding a horse that makes the stirrup run right across my plates (talk about painful). Super cheap and works a charm .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creaghgal View Post
    I also run and ride and suffer from terrible shin rubs! My solution is to rub my legs with baby wipes, let them dry just a sec, and then use a pair of these doodads mentioned by Creaghgal. (I don't know why the baby wipes help, there must be some kind of anti-chafing stuff in those, or maybe it is just my little superstition). But I never get on without the leggings. I have extra pairs tucked everywhere!

    For me, I have not found switching type of stirrup leathers to have any effect at all. However, I ride in three different saddles, and one of the saddles is the WORST for getting leg rubs, I think there is something about the position it puts me in? It is also my widest tree saddle, so maybe riding the chubby ones is what makes the rubbing worse, not the saddle.

    I have also found that certain half chaps seem to be more protective even than my tall boots. In particular, I had a pair of Ariat half chaps that were a godsend, they just had a really stiff double layer of leather across the shin that worked great. Don't think they make that model anymore, though.

    Good luck and please share if you do come up with a pair of magic stirrup leathers!

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    Oct. 8, 2008


    Have you tried these elastic socks?
    I used to use them galloping horses and they really protected my calves...never had the shin problem.

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