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    Default Turning successful lower level eventer into successful h/j?

    Anyone have any experience? I'm on a very very limited budget and looking for a move-up horse for Flash Jr. Needs to be confirmed super honest over fences, and I'm going to see a horse that was brought a long by a kid and evented successfully at the Novice level for several years. I just think my dollars are going to go much further if I look "outside the box" for a new horse.

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    Default why not?

    About 4 years ago I sold my eventer to a hunter rider to do the A-show equitation classes (primarily) and teach her some dressage. He was a flashy QH (red dun with high whites and roaning) who would keep the same rhythm to both 2' and 4' fences with auto-changes and tight little knees. It took me years to admit that, even though he field hunted, he hated cross country. I was very happy to find a "job" that he liked--and even happier to find a new owner with whom he clicked. Fast forward to today, and they're both happy as clams doing the 3'6" during show season and field hunting in the winter. Long story short, if the individual horse is up for the job, the transition should be fairly smooth.

    Good luck in your search!

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    My lease horse was trained to event before her current owner bought her. She was a very nice dressage horse and a scopey jumper, and now she does mainly hunters, (and does quite well too)! She definitely has the speed and power of a jumper, but will quiet down into a "hunter/eq" ride if the rider insists. I definitely think it's possible to take a nice eventer and convert them over to h/j.

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    Two of my daughters horses came from the eventing world. One ended up doing hunters and the other is a solid modified amateur/childrens jumper (that is 1.10 - 1.20)- which we still have. They usually need to be worked with as eventers do things differently than h/j but if you are willing to invest the time and training it can be a great way to go.

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    If it helps, both of my eventers show jump over the winter.
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    Speaking as an eventer here, I think that many event horses could make wonderful H/J/E mounts. The dressage foundation that these horses have makes a lot of them incredibly ridable and adjustable. I would totally look into it!

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