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    Feb. 23, 2009
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    Default Stall front for large, destructive, escape artist

    We are about to replace a stall front in our barn, and I need one that is horse proof. We have a Morton barn and stalls, and they are just not doing the trick for one of my guys. He has escaped by going out the window, flipping the bar up and pushing the door open (you have to lift one of the bars on the door to open it), and taking the door completely off the hinges. He is now in the stall with the window (which is broken) chained shut. So I need suggestions on a new stall front type where he will be safer and happier! Or at least I will be happier. . .

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    Aug. 13, 2009


    What about one of those all mesh metal doors? You can get them with or without windows. Perhaps if you got one without the window he could not mess it up, but he could still see out and have good ventilation. Or if you need a whole front stall panel you can get them in the mesh too. from floor to top if you like.

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    Jun. 22, 2008
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    What about a gravity latch placed too low for him to reach with his head out the "window" of the stall door:

    Those will only work for sliding doors, and when you said you had hinges, I got a bit confused, what exactly is your stall door setup today, or are you open to any and all suggestions?
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    I have an old-style (read: LARGE, HEAVY, COULD-PULL-A-HOWITZER-UPHILL-IN-THE-MUD-FOR-HOURS-WITHOUT-BREAKING-A-SWEAT) Hanoverian (who I love very much). Despite the fact that I take very good care of him and he lives in a kingly-size stall, he is determined that Freedom is the only thing that matters. He will lean on and push through ANYTHING that remotely gives or wiggles.

    I am building a new barn and he will have a half-door that opens inward. Heavy mesh screen with a solid metal border (just like the mesh front sliding doors mentioned above). It will fit into (on sides and bottom) a thick hardwood frame on heavy duty hinges. He will be able to lean into it to his heart's content, bless him. I know it will work, because I boarded him at a place with stalls of that construction and over almost two years that door held firm. Just don't ask about the poor, defenseless Nelson waterer left alone in the corner to fend for itself...
    Patience pays.

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    Make sure the framing on whatever stall door you install is heavy duty. Our stalls used to have standard pine framing. Then, my husband walked into the stall carrying a tube of wormer. My big (1500lb) baby backed up and "accidently" backed through the stall door to get away from the man with the wormer. The stall door frame broke and separated completely from the barn. My stall door was lying outside the barn.

    Now, the frames are made out of heavy duty, oak, 2x6 boards. No equine will "accidentally" back through a door frame.

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