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    Default OHBS-GOV Inspection Dates & Online Forms

    Hi All,
    We just posted the last dates for the 2010 OHBS-GOV Inspection Tours: Other than a few TBA's the majority of the dates are set. Do keep in touch with your inspection site host to make sure you will be informed if a date is changed for unforeseen reasons.

    We are also aware that there has been a problem with the online forms. The forms are actually going through when you click on "Submit", but the confirmation page sometimes either takes a long time to come up or does not come up at all. This is especially true for certain browsers.

    I just got off of the phone with the tech support of our server administration, and they are actively working on this problem now. In the meantime, if you fill out the form, just click on "Submit" once and if the confirmation page does not come up, simply e-mail me at Oldenburghorseweb(at) to confirm that it went through.

    Please make sure you read the "Checklist" and have followed every one of the steps listed. Especially important is the Breeding Certificates! We usually are missing many of these, and the foals simply cannot be registered without them. They must be original forms signed by the stallion owner and the veterinarian.

    We're looking foward to a great inspection season!

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    so according to the schedule, there WILL be an inspection in Tennessee on Sept 22? I hope so, we have a yearling to do as our health emergency prevented us from getting the filly inspected last year.
    Do you know how soon you will have any details? The dam will be rebred, hence our reluctance to travel very far with her.
    thanks again

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    Holly is working on the details for Tennessee and Kentucky, and should have everything confirmed by next week.

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