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    Default Indoor/Covered Arena Prices

    How much do indoor/covered arenas cost? All of the websites that I have found require you to call or email for quotes. They are looking for 60' x 120' or larger.

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    I am getting ready to put in a 105 x 160 covered arena (they are starting this week). The cost will be $162K not counting the footing and fencing which is already there (we are covering the existing outdoor arena). This will have lots of skylights as well as light fixtures and a 24' "Big Ass" fan overhead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ModelBehavior View Post
    How much do indoor/covered arenas cost? All of the websites that I have found require you to call or email for quotes. They are looking for 60' x 120' or larger.
    That's because it's highly dependent on where you put it, what kind of prep they have to do before they erect the building, what kind of gee-whiz you're adding, the materials available to you locally, exactly how wide they go (I've heard that once you go over 80' wide things get more expensive) etc.

    I've heard everything from $20K for the local Amish to erect the building on pre-prepared land, no footing/lighting/electric/windows to $200K+ all-inclusive for a 60' x 120'.

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    it depends where you are too.

    Coverall supplied me with a quote just before they went under.
    For the building delivered to my site (but not erected) around $80,000 for an 80 x 200 foot arena with two ends with a door in each end. To erect it another $60,000. To put in a foundation, drainage, base and footing, another $35,000. Kickboards and interior lights and wiring and fans, another $20,000. With other little things, the total came to over $200,000.

    The same building , if it didn't have to be shipped into an island 1000 miles away from the factory would've been at least $30,000 less.

    I also linked a metal building estimator in the other thread on metal buildings- but again it is just for the basic building- you generally have to double the cost to have it shipped and erected and assuming your building site is prepared.
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