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    Default To ride or not to ride?

    Years ago, I remember reading an article in a popular horse magazine that chronicled the training practices of a pretty well-known hunter trainer. He gave a lot of his strategies for success, including the statement that the horses who "knew their jobs" were rarely ridden at all outside of at the shows. At the time, I thought it sounded like a recipe for unsoundness at very least. I have thought about this ever since. Is this a common practice? A good idea? Does it really keep the good guys sound for longer?

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    I'd think maybe not jumping much outside of shows, but not riding at all sounds a little weird, and a good way for horses to get out of shape.
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    Well, if you consider how much some people show, this may hold true. Perhaps they didn't ride the horses except for the Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun that they were at shows. That gives the horse time off after each horse show, but still plenty of riding to stay sound.

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    good point. maybe that was the case? the article was in mike plumb's horse journal, written by danny robertshaw. maybe someone has a copy and can do a better job quoting? i know no riding is better than bad riding, but still wonder about the long-term results of this idea.

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    I remember reading versions of the same in several places, as of the late 1980s. It usually is "They only jump at shows." But the authors also talked about taking the campaigners out on trail rides.

    One remark struck me (Margie Goldstein?): "Trailrides for horses are like sitting by the pool for us."

    I tucked all that away and have used it well with been there, done that horses.
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