This morning I woke up at my house sitting place, gave the two horses there little bit of grain and opened the gate to bigger pasture as I was instructed.

I come back this evening, walking to the barn when something large sticks a its nose out the crack between the barn doors....

I open them and am head to head with the two year old filly. The older gelding is in the back corner seemingly consoling himself. Both horses have been locked in a 12x18 foot aisle, and it is a freaking mess! The owner was storing some parts for the automatic gate she is putting in, and the box they were in has been ripped to shreds, and the heavy box/hinge thingies moved around. Everything has also been pooped on.

The two stall doors on one side of the aisle were locked on the aisle and pasture side. The TWO sliding latches on the door to the run were locked. The barn aisle doors were shut. Thank god the tack room with the grain was shut (door knob), and no grain unaccounted for!

I called the owner because her gelding was acting funny, and talked with her about the incident. We talked about all that could have happened. This neighborhood is VERY horsey, so none of the neighbors would have locked them in such an inappropriate horses. And then we asked how could someone who thought that was a good idea catch the two horses?

Anyways, I've having quite the WTH moment, and will walk the fence in the day light tomorrow.