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    Unhappy Hay availability/price in California

    I'm quite concerned about being able to find good quality and affordable grass hay in the SF Bay area. I got rye grass from a fairly local grower last year, but with the rains every 5-8 days this month, I know that his got rained on some. And it poured here today. I've read that growers are faced with either cutting and then risking rain and mold, or leaving uncut and having it get too old for horses to eat. If baled hay gets a very slight rain, is it done for? How long does it take for the mold to show up? For example, if I bought some soon and it wasn't moldy, does that mean it's ok, or might mold turn up in a month or two? Any help appreciated!!:

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    If you are able I would suggest you make a trip to the Klamath Falls area. They grow LOTS of really good hay.
    Kanoe Godby
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