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    Dec. 7, 2007

    Exclamation Funky bulges on cannon bone-boots?

    When I came to ride last night he had several bulgy-swollen areas on the front, sides and back of his cannon bone, randomly placed. He was not bothered by them, not lame, nor were they tender to the touch. I walked him for about 30 min, then cold hosed. The swelling was reduced quite a bit by the time I left.

    It was very hot yesterday--90 degrees. Could this be his galloping boots? Has anyone experienced funky swelling like this from them, esp on a hot day?

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    Mar. 10, 2006
    Albany NY


    An edema would produce that - collection of fluid or water in the legs - happens to me in hot weather.

    There could be alot of reasons why that happened - could be metabolic, could be an alergic reaction to a bite or sting; could be fluid from a hard workout/puffiness. If it went down with cold hosing, its water, and you should find out why but that's up to the vet.

    Also, if a leg is swollen like that and a boot is put on, or a wrap, you'll see dents where the pressure was...
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