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    Jan. 30, 2005

    Default Passier Young Champ

    Does anyone have any experience with the Passier Young Champ?

    I'm a small woman (5'2" 105lbs with an athletic/curvy build) and am in the market for a new saddle. The horse is an Appendix QH with moderate to higher withers, the typical dip right behind/alongside the withers, a slightly pronounced spinous process, a wider back, and is relative flat from wither to croup (banana shaped trees wouldn't work too well).

    He suffered some sort of shoulder trauma before I purchased him but the uneveness is in front of the saddle position.

    I've been riding him in a Wintec Isabell, which doesn't work for me at all (flaps are huge) and I had a saddle fitter from a tack store come out and try the Bates Innova on him. Standard block and Extended - loved the Standard; hated the Extended.

    The Medium Wide gullet was the best fit, although there was an incredibly slight bounce in the rear when he moved. I liked the saddle because it was very comfortable (narrow twist) and it has a wide channel from back to front so it cleared the ligament on either side of his spine. The Wintecs' channels seem to narrow behind.

    Any experiences with the Young Champ, or anything else that might work, would be appreciated.

    I'd like to stay under $1500 used/new.

    The local saddle fitter wasn't much help - she was pushing her house brand saddle ($2800) and was down on the Innova until I made it clear that I wasn't interested in the house brand because it would be almost impossible to resell. After that, she was just fine with the Innova, bounce and all.

    Thanks so much.

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    Jun. 2, 2006


    YOu might consider a Stubben Juventus Dressage (another saddle like the Champ made for youth or petite adults).
    My daughter rode in one (till she shot up) and it is a lovely saddle and seated her beautifully. Her WB cross mare also has a fitting problem and anything with banana shaped panels didn't work for her. I was SAD when she outgrew this saddle.

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    Jan. 30, 2005


    PracticalCat, did she find the sit to be hard? I've heard that Stubben's can be very hard and that scared me as I took lessons in a Kieffer for about 6 months and the seat was so hard that my seat bones bruised and I was ending each lesson in tears.

    Also, any idea about Stubben's width? What would a medium wide Bates/Wintec gullet be the equivalent of?

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    Jun. 2, 2006


    I wouldn't say her Stubben's seats are hard at all. She finds them extremely comfortable. She started out in a Rex (all purpose kid's saddle), got the Juventus as she started focusing more on dressage and still has a 25 year old treasure of a Siegfried for when she decides to jump a little bit. Her Juventus is a 32 cm (wide) 17 " seat and it's worked for her
    13H POA, her 14H mustang and her 15.3H WBX (we used a Mattes pad with the WB as the saddle was a hair too wide).

    You could always call Stubben North America and talk to Buddy about what you're looking for. He's terrific about helping out. We were having a terrible time finding a dressage saddle for a petite rider and this one was less expensive than the Champ but extremely well-made and correct. We only bought it two and a half years ago and of course, the kid grew her leg about 4 inches over the next year. She's 5'6" now with a very long leg so the Juventus doesn't work at all (she has a Hennig now).

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    May. 20, 2005
    Desert Southwest


    I have had Passiers in the past and love them. They are a very forgiving saddle in terms of fit due in part to the cutback head.

    I imagine, tiny as you are, the Young Champ would work for you.

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