It's that time of year again-- just finished the yearly trip to the laundromat and cleaned all the blankets and have surveyed what to keep,what to repair, and what to get rid of.

I have 2 blankets that I do not want to fix...that someone here that is talented in blanket repair can probably fix up just fine.
BOTH BLANKETS were in use up to the day blankets were taken off horses--- both were still waterproof.

The size 75 is a Weatherbeeta.. it needs a new hem on one side and some strap/ buckle repairs. Could be used as layering too or for turnout with repairs.

The size 66 is a Shires heavyweight. It needs some strap repairs and the hook that the strap clips too is torn off and there is a rip at in the blanket the place the clip came off.
I really had to think twice about giving this one away. I love Shires blankets and this one is a nice heavywt. I am downsizing ponies and happen to have quite a few in this size, so I am just as happy to let this one go to a home for repairs...rather than pay to have it repaired myself when I have plenty of others that do not need repaired.

Please use my email--my inbox here is too full

Shipping(fed ex) to be paid by person who takes blankets.
Paypal or credit card.