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    Default Lost Hounds XC course

    I just sent my daughters entry in for Lost Hounds Trial in June. She is 12 and rides a 13'1 pony this will be her first event at the BN level. How challenging is this XC course? Is it a good first time course? I remember being there 5 or 6 years ago competeing and I thought they were big, but as I am getting older everything above 2ft looks big. I may just be a crazy worried mother, so any info about the course would be great.

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    I don't think I've ever rode the BN course there but I did ride N and T and walked BN with my friends. All of the jumps are fair for the level, not huge or tiny. They have a "ditch" which is a depression in the ground with a rail on one side on the ground. Sometimes there are one or two water run throughs. The water closest to the stables is sometimes an odd color blue. I think they sometimes have a tiny 1 foot bank. My friends who did BN had fun and weren't scared. And one of my friends is a 50-something re-rider, so she is not fearless! Your daughter will have a blast!
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    I believe last year's trial there had only one water run-through. Only a few strides worth. It's all straight forward, nothing funky. Just don't get lost in the woods!
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    Hi there,
    I am the secretary and I actually grew up on the farm where the xc course is (my mother is the organizer). The beginner novice is great. Quite true to the level and There is only 1 water in the spring event and there is even an option to not go through the water. We have a tiny up bank and a ditch which, as someone mentioned earlier, a depression in the ground with a groundline. A very good intro to this question. There are pictures of the jumps on our website
    Gwen Dean
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