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    Jul. 30, 2009

    Default Still Swollen Leg

    This is going on 2-3 weeks now, any advice greatly appreciated:

    Swollen rear limb, from hock down, about 1.2 times normal size, looked like a minor infection brought in, wrapped with a furazone sweat after a cleansing clean and cold hose- started on penn and genticin (30 cc 2x per day). After first night, the swelling creeped all the way to the stifle. Stopped wrapping immediately, continued cold hose, furazone application 2X per day.

    10 days of both antibiotics, 2g bute 2x per day, and 2 weeks in the stall, swelling looked as close to normal as possible, a tad bit of filling (close to what stocking up looks like after a stalling)...

    Has been going out during the day, in at night for about 5 days. No wrapping, leg is kept clean...this morning- SWELLING!!! oihhhh

    Advice- keep him out 24 hours so he gets less swelling? keep him in and try to wrap again, hoping the tourniquet effect doesn't occur again. would you put him back on antibiotics? a different one?

    FYI- a vet has been involved througout this process, but I wanted to see if anyone else has had a lingering infection like this that has not gone away quickly and what worked for you.


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    Jul. 15, 2005


    I have experience with this, but my story will only scare you. I will say, however, that you may need to change the antibiotic. I have had good luck with Baytril.

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    Mar. 6, 2009


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