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    Default Bartville Harness Catalog and Custom Work

    Two questions:

    1 - Would anyone be willing to copy/scan their Bartville catalog and send it to me (via regular mail or email)? Of course, I will pay for any associated costs. I would like one, but my work schedule doesn't really permit me to call them when they're available.

    2 - Has any had custom work done by them? I have a breastplate that I absolutely love, but have not been able to find another one like it. Mine is pretty worn, so I am interested in having them make me a new one just like it. Any ideas on about how much that might run?

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    Default Bartville

    Just call and leave a message they will call you back

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    If you can't find a volunteer, just send them a self-addressed stamped envelope with a few bucks in it. I did this 2 years ago with a $5 bill and a short business letter requesting a catalog. They sent me FOUR catalogs.

    My friend had a custom breastplate done by them, and she was very pleased. Can't remember how much she paid, but considering they charge approx. $90 for the equivalent of the Nunn Finer hunt breastplate with elastic, you can expect a very favorable price.
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    Default Bartville

    I was just there this weekend !! They have a new color catalog that has measurements and nice pictures of all their stuff. Its like 20 pages so might be hard to scan and email to you. But, call them and leave them a message (it says in the catalog not to leave messages on Sundays) and they will send one to you.

    I am having them make me a bradoon hanger at pretty reasonable cost. I would look at the cost of their current breastplates to get an idea of how much they cost. Everything in their store is extremely reasonable (believe me, I know because I practically bought everything in their store !!) and probably alot less than you would pay else where.

    Levi did say they were about 3 to 4 weeks behind schedule and he told me my bradoon hanger would take about 1 month.

    Their shipping is a little steep at $15 for under $300, but I showed my barnmates all my stuff (and the prices!!) and now we are splitting an order.

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    I think I just threw mine out.. I'll check for you and if I find it I'll mail it to you.

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    I could run over and get you one. Just let me know.

    I had a breastplate that I loved that before I bought from BoB and then would take to Journeyman to customize. Done that way the cost became around $160 for both purchase and customizing.

    Recently I finally went to Bartsville and had them make it all there. Total cost: $60

    I think I know where to get my tack from.

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    Default Good Work & Great Prices

    I had a breastplate and bridle made for Kikki and they are both just gorgeous! For both was well under $200. You can't beat them for price and quality. Levi is great! yes:

    She'll debut everything at the Lucinda Green clinic next month!

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