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    Question Announcing and Whipper - in

    I am going to be an announcer and whipper/in at a dressage show next week and being a h/j person I very much would appreciate some tips from anyone here. I really do not want to sound like a greenie even though I am!

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    Apr. 25, 2007


    OK, I'll bite! What's a "Whipper-In"???
    "Success comes in cans, not in cannots!"

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    Jun. 3, 2007


    Oh - dontcha know? See, that is why I came on here because I don't know.(JK) In H/J land we call the person who organizes the jump order, etc. the in-gate person so I am guessing that is what a whipper - in is. Now I do know that you have a specific time that you show in the dressage ring so that part of the job should be easier but I would really like to know what specifically makes an announcer a useful entity or a bothersome mouthpiece.
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    A whipper-in is a term in foxhunting meaning the person keeping the dogs together. There is no such thing in dressage.

    Sounds like you are going to be announcer and ring steward - the announcer is very important in letting the entire showgrounds know the current show time, who is currently in the ring, who is next ("on deck") and who's after that ("in the hole"). That's very important to let those in the barns know how the show is running (ahead of schedule or behind) so they know when to get themselves ready. The announcer also lets people know of scratches and any other important information the spectators and competitors need to know.

    The ring steward is at the warm-up ring checking in riders (and letting the announcer know if anyone is missing so they can call them to warm-up) and letting the riders actually in warmup know who goes in the ring next. They also watch out for any rules violations in either tack or behavior, so the TD can be alerted.

    I am assuming if you are doing both jobs at the same time, you will be stationed at the warmup gate with a ride order list and a wireless microphone and not stuck in some announcing booth somewhere.

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    Jun. 3, 2007

    Default got it NOW

    Thanks Yaya....I knew whipper - in was a hunting term (and a very important duty) but when the show organizer told me about this job that is the term he used. Again, being a h/j groupie and never shown dressage who was I to question him. Yes, I will be wearing 2 hats that day: announcer and ring steward. So now that you have enlightened me I feel much better. Sounds basically like in - gate. Anyway, I will enjoy the change of disciplines for the weekend. I have watched lots of Grand Prix dressage and braided some and did dressage in college. (totally clued to the TV set during Beijing 2008 'cause Cara Whitham was a commentator) I even took a couple of lessons! But I know I will learn a lot over the course of 3 days. Should be fun if the weather cooperates.
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