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    Default The Curriculum Vitae of Best Cat Ever?

    Everyone says they have one of these, but how do these rather flexible packs of fur and purr really stack up?

    One of mine officially achieved greatness when my grandmother, who really doesn't give animals the time of day, said so. She still talks about him and no other animal. He was a huge, lazy short-haired tabby who really didn't do much except accept love when offered by just about anyone.

    Another good one was a black-and-whiter who trolled the neighbors' houses for the best deal.

    He'd crawl in an open window and sleep on one guy's bed. He had another group of college students getting him cold cuts at all hours because they were on a beer run anyway. Cars would stop for him when he figured out they would and stopped bothering to gallop or even trot across the street.

    When I moved to the country and in with a friend who had a (very nice) St. Bernard, this cat effectively moved out. Never having hunted and looking like a poor athlete, he became one and began wooing a petless neighbor with dead rabbits and birds left on her porch. We shared custody for a while and became friends. I finally gave him to her so as not to break up their relationship.

    My current cat is a dog but better. She comes when you call and loves love, yet can be left alone, too. The best of both worlds, really.

    And yours?
    The armchair saddler
    Politically Pro-Cat

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    Oct. 3, 2002
    it's not the edge of the earth, but you can see it from here


    Mine figured out on the 2nd night I had the screens in, that I would hear them if they called at the bedroom window.

    But, when I ran an errand last night, came home and they have figured out how to open those slidey-screens with the wooden frame that you place in the window then shut the window down on it... No destruction--they figured out HOW TO SLIDE IT OPEN!!!!

    World domination IS next.

    How the HELL do they KNOW those things???
    InnisFailte Pinto Sporthorses & Coloured Cobs

    Bits are like cats, what's one more? (Petstorejunkie)

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