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    Default Misdirected texts from bank driving me BONKERS!

    This is mostly a vent.

    Some bonehead gave my phone number to Wells Fargo and signed up for account updates via text. So now I get text messages, frequently sent between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m., on the average of 4-6 per week.

    I have an elderly mother across the country -- I don't want to turn off my phone. Actually, I don't want to be the one that has to do ANYTHING -- it's not my mistake! I have called numerous times but they seem totally incapable of figuring out how to stop this.

    I work in marketing and I kind of understand -- do-not-call lists do not generally apply to customers, and for good reason. I am on the national do-not-call list but appreciate that I could sign up for certain types of calls without being deleted from the list. But I am NOT a Wells Fargo customer, so their rules about customer data are inappropriate in this situation.

    I am thinking of trotting out the "my lawyer will be contacting you" speech, or sending my story to the consumer advocate at a local TV station. Any other ideas?
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    I think talking to a local news outlet would be a good idea. While the text messages annoy you, that's not the major issue here. What Wells Fargo should be REALLY concerned about is their customer's privacy. They're committing a major breach of privacy, which may even be illegal, by sending customer info to a random stranger, and continuing to do so even after they have been notified of the error.

    Considering all the recent concern about privacy and identity theft, I think a newspaper or TV station would LOVE a story about a large bank making this kind of screwup. It's not about annoying you (although that's your concern), it's about a very serious violation of their customers' privacy.

    You might even consider reporting it to whatever agency is responsible for regulating banks in your state.

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    Can't you block them? I have Verizon and it lets me block texts from specific accounts if I want to.
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    Can't you turn just the text alert off at night, but leave the ringer on for calls? Our phones can, perhaps yours as well?

    But, I completely understand. We had a problem years ago with a restaurant association that had our landline on automatic fax. So, every hour from midnight to 8 a.m., we would get a call with a fax tone. Took a week to get them to stop. I finally complained to the phone company and they took care of it.
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    The next time you get one text the reply STOP and send it back to them. That usually takes care of it.

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