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    Default Dairy-free recipes and dairy alternatives

    I decided to try eliminating dairy from my diet 3 weeks ago as an experiment to see if my RA would improve. The results have been good so far.

    Does any one have any good dairy free recipes or know of some dairy alternatives for cheese, ice cream etc that are reasonable tasty.

    I so far haven't been able to be very imaginative.

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    The "So Delicious" coconut coffee creamer is yummy and truly creamy. They make a coconut ice cream, too. There is a product called Mimic Cream made from cashews that's good, but hard to find. My experience with non-dairy yogurt of all kinds has been disappointing. Hazelnut or almond milk is ok to wet cereal. Non-dairy cheese just tastes like cr*^. Have you tried goat and sheep cheese? Manchego, chevre, ect. Some people can tolerate them better than cow's milk.

    As for recipes, my fave so far has been risotto - just google dairy free risotto and several will come up. Can't even tell there isn't cream in it. Oh, and Thai curry with coconut milk. Indian, Thai, Chinese are all mostly dairy free. is a good resource, as is the magazine Living Without.

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    Silk soy and almond milk are excellent. Tofutti and Soy Delicious "ice cream" are both good, Rice Dream not so much IMO though their ice cream sandwich bars are okay. I've never found a non-dairy cheese that melts, but there are a few newer ones I've read good things about but not had. Amy's Soy Cheese pizza is good. Local Whole Foods has coconut milk yogurt that is good and most of the flavored soy yogurt is passable.

    Look for recipes for nutritional yeast cheese sauce, it is not bad.

    The Post Punk Kitchen ( has some really good vegan recipes, so they are all dairy free.

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    Definitely invest in these two cook books "Vegan with a Vengeance" and Veganomicon" . Both are excellent books, haven't made a recipe out of them that wasn't delicious. The chocolate chip cookies in VwV is to DIE for.

    "Purely Decadent" is the best non-dairy ice cream on the market hands down. Tofutti's sour cream and cream cheese taste like the real thing to me.

    This is an excellent cinnamon roll recipe though takes a while to make -- (the whole blog actually is very good)

    I love this recipe, though they make them into tortellini I just make giant raviolli because I'm lazy. I like to make a double recipe and freeze them so that I can have easy meals during the week. The filling also works really well as a cheese alternative for veggi lasangua --

    I'll see if I can think of any more of my favorite recipes....
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    Here's an idea.
    I'm not sure where you live but try to find a jewish kosher food section or store. Everything is labelled 'meat', 'dairy' or 'parve' (meaning neither meat or dairy). There are lot of good dairy free meal and dessert options because jewish people don't mix milk and meat. If there aren't options near you, you can buy a kosher cook book. Or seach online for 'parve cake' for example and you'll get a recipe for cakes that dont' use dairy products.

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    Check out Vegetarian Times' website, specifically their recipe section: They give you the option of searching for foods that are dairy-free.

    My favorite Soymilk for cereal is 8th Continent Light Vanilla. Silk Light Vanilla is also good. I've used both as substitutes for milk in baking and they both worked well (although the recipes didn't call for much milk anyway, so they might not be as good for dairy-intensive recipes).

    I second (third?) the Soy Delicious ice cream recommendation… they make some amazing stuff that is absolutely up to par w/ the dairy stuff.

    I've tried soy yogurt… ick! And so far I haven't found a non-dairy cheese that I've been super happy with.
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    We are doing the "Engine 2" diet and loving it... we just google "vegan" and the name of whatever recipe we want. We use nutritional yeast as a replacement for cheese on things like pizza, and last week we made a "vegan mac and cheese" recipe where you make the cheese sauce yourself.

    We are usually limited to the products found in our local grocery store (which, here in the Ozarks, is often slim pickings) so I don't have any products to recommend. But just googling recipes and experimenting has been great so far.
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    I second Kosher. They've been doing it for centuries and have figured it out nicely.

    I can't have soy or sugar on top of eliminating dairy, which makes it harder. but I'm lucky in that the occasional fermented/cultured dairy doesn't bother me.

    I will have to look out for the coffee creamer. I have always wondered why someone doesn't come up with one using coconut oil vs. veggie oil. I guess it's because they *have* I'm mostly ok now that summer is here--I drink Iced Tea (black) but in winter I really love my coffee, or, erm, a little coffee with my cream... I do miss Iced Coffee at times in the summer.

    I guess I"m extraordinairly lucky that I don't like Ice Cream. I mean--I don't hate it, but I don't crave it/want it etc.

    I very much like Almond Dream for cereal or coffee... but there's sugar in it. I do use liquid non-dairy creamer sometimes for the same. Again--corn syrup.
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