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    May. 22, 2007

    Default Anyone Else Have Bad Vacation / Bad Weekend-Getaway Luck ?

    So I'm curious:
    Does anyone else have bad luck when it comes to vacations and/or weekend type getaways?

    I have Murphy's law for things going wrong on vacations/weekend-getaways, such as:
    continuous bad weather and/or extreme weather
    getting sick
    both bad weather and getting sick

    And then I feel like crap for spending the money on a vacation/getaway where things went wrong.... so it ends up being an emotional quagmire.

    anyone else?

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    Jul. 11, 2005
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    I'm not sure if this exactly counts in the way you are talking about, but several years ago, I went on a 4 day cruise with my at the time S.O. The relationship was on the rocks, and we very stupidly thought that a cruise would be a *great* way to get things back on track.

    Not So.

    The first day ended up in and out and out, screaming brawl in the middle of a a very crowded ship deck. On the way to Mexico. And by screaming brawl, I mean, him screaming profanities at me, and me and many horrified onlookers staring at him with looks of shock, horror, and disbelief. He then stormed off and threw all of my belongings out of our tiny room into the hallway, and proceeded to keep me locked out of the room for the next 3 days...

    Definitely my most horrible vacation experience, although I can look back on it and laugh now, it was definitely a huge waste of $$ and such a nightmare at the time! Whoops!
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    Feb. 23, 2005
    Spotsylvania, VA


    MrP travels for business. We can go and stay pretty much anywhere on points.

    Two years ago I decided we needed a midwinter break and the first place I spotted was Sedona AZ.
    Fine, fly on points, stay at the Hilton on points....great.

    The weather in Sedona in March is variable.

    We arrived on Friday, no problem, except for a slight ache in one of my teeth.

    Saturday we planned to wander around Sedona and take a Pink Jeep tour to the Grand Canyon on Sunday.

    Until we watched the weather report for a blizzard forecast on Sun.

    So Saturday we decided to drive to the GC, ignoring the increasing ache in my tooth.

    On the way Mr P remembered that he did not take his blood pressure meds, which he left in the hotel. So we stopped at the Target in Flagstaff to get his pill.

    And my tooth was hurting.

    The Grand Canyon was amazing.

    And my tooth was still hurting.

    So, Sunday we went to the airport (great view) in Sedona before the blizzard arived, and my tooth was really hurting. The Hilton in Sedona is really nice if you have to be snowed in.

    Flew home Monday and my tooth was REALLY hurting, yup, needed a root canal but at least I had a supply of codine at home, thanks to prior surgery.

    So last year we went to ABQ to visit our daughter.

    A few days before we left Mr. P complained about a sore tooth. And refused to go to the dentist.

    I packed the codine.

    Our daughter got him an appointment with a dentist on Thursday but he declined to go.

    Yup, Friday he was miserable but at least I had the codine. I also called our doctor who called in a prescription for antibiotics.

    I'm afraid to go on another vacation.
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    Well, there was the time I barfed through Bangkok. And the holiday when my son hurled through Huangshan. And who can forget all of us yakking through Yangshuo. Other than that, it's been pretty good. Oh, wait, then there was the upchucking in Ulan batar. Forgot that one.

    Seriously, as a family, we do have a history of Gastrointestinal Apocalypse during our holidays. But we have learned to roll with it.

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    Dec. 4, 2007


    Where to begin....

    These things seem to happen at Women's conferences, so I guess thats were this will start.

    In November of 2005 my mother and I were going to a conference with another woman from the church. We had to drive 7 hours to get to the hotel. We left late because the woman we were travelling with forgot to tell her boss that she was planning on leaving early, so she had to work till 5pm. We finally got away at 630. 2 hours into our drive we hit snow, then freezing rain. There was an accident on the highway that we tried to detour from and ended up running into 5 (five!!!) Christmas parades!

    Then, to top it off, we get to the hotel (at 4am) and there are 3 hockey tournaments in the city. The hotel is overrun with children that are still running through the halls playing nickynicky9doors. We paid ahead of time, including a fee to ensure us the room we booked, that we would have a room with 2 queen size beds (there were supposed to be 4 of us, but the 4th's daughter got sick that friday morning and ended up in the hospital all weekend), instead we got 1 double bed and a couch (not even a pull out couch, just a loveseat).

    Not a good start to a holiday weekend.

    The next time we went away for a weekend we went to the conference grounds. My mom and I have been there many many times, but again its a 7 hour drive through some beautiful country side and a provincial park. We get there and they have lost our reservations for the conference. That's ok, we have our emailed AND mailed copies. We were supposed to be booked into a cottage, but sorry, they were renovating the cottages so no, we would be under the dining hall. Not quite what we had in mind, but ok.

    What they didn't tell us at check in was that they were also doing renovations on those rooms as well. There was no carpet on the floors, and the bathtub taps were broken. There was no hot water in the building, so we had to use the neighboring kids camp showers in order to bathe.

    I've stayed there before and since and never had the terrible experiences I had that time. Oyvei....
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    Aug. 12, 2005
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    Ah, the memories...

    Most of my vacations have been great. But, there was the "Cruise from hell"

    I went with a group of friends on a 7 day cruise. Been on cruises before and always had a great time...this is about to change.
    The ship was out of the past century, in fact may have been commissioned about the same time as the Titanic. Seriously, it was old, and in disrepair. I got an eye infection from the bedding, resulting in a swollen, closed, red eye that looked like I'd been hit.
    The food was barely edible. They had a "healthy" menu, and I was trying to maintain a recent weight loss...but "healthy" meant no seasonings of any kind. YUCK. And the regular menu was just passable.
    Pool was closed four of the seven days for "repairs", we missed a port of call due to bad weather...the list goes on. The person I was sharing the 10X10 cell with bailed our second day out and stayed on a lovely island in a great little cottage---why didn't I do that??
    BUT...the bright spot...the first night at sea I won enough in the casino to pay for the trip, so it ended up being free.

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    Jul. 4, 2008
    The Great Northwest!


    I went on a two week vacation in Hawaii, and the first morning I was woke up to a voicemail from my new BO (I'd been there less than a month) saying that my horse had a minor injury and she was calling the vet out.

    Well it turned out to be two very deep lacerations on her hock, along with a partially severed tendon and a joint infection. My horse wasn't supposed to be sound ever again. I cried for most of my vacation, not knowing what I would come home to. WORST Vacation ever, now I'm scared to travel.

    "Best" part I came home to a $2500 vet bill...but everyone at the barn (who I barely knew)was great and took turns taking care of her, she was getting antibiotic shots 3x a day, plus wrapping her whole leg 2x a day, and cleaning her stall for me.

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    Apr. 12, 2002


    Ok, so not actually ON the vacation, but a block in getting started on the vacation.

    My old roommate and I were dating guys who happened to be good friends with each other already. Because of this we planned quite a few trips for all 4 of us together. Without fail, somewhere between our house and where we were supposed to meet our boyfriends, there would be some sort of animal in distress that we had to rescue. Litter of kittens in the middle of a busy intersection, check. Puppies on the side of the road, check. Large Longhorn bull with ring in nose running down side of road, check. Horse running down middle of highway, check. You get the idea, and yes, there were more. It became a running joke.
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    I only have one vacation horror story - thank goodness!

    My parents took my sister and I on a cruise a few years ago.

    This is not something that any of us can normally afford, but as a one-time deal my parents found a way so that we could have a really awesome family vacation.

    Normally I have the best relationship/friendship with both of my parents.

    Sadly, at the time I was dealing with a dependency on pain medicine, and didn't realize how bad things had gotten for me.

    I destroyed that trip. I was a horrible brat, irritable and annoyed all the time, and not any fun to be around.

    I feel sooooo bad. I'd give just about anything to be able to make it up to them! Hopefully someday I will be able to!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhyadawn View Post
    Where to begin....

    There was an accident on the highway that we tried to detour from and ended up running into 5 (five!!!) Christmas parades!

    That has GOT to be a record! FIVE???

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    Dec. 4, 2007


    Quote Originally Posted by Roxy SM View Post
    That has GOT to be a record! FIVE???
    LOL! We took the alternate highway that took us through a whole bunch of small towns that all have their Christmas parades the same weekend. So yes, 5!! We saw some beautiful floats and light displays
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