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    Default Tractor size for acreage

    Is there not a web page that you can type in answers to certain how many acres do you have , what do you need the tractor for ..etc.. that will tell you the best matching tractor for your needs?

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    Not sure about a site like that...but tractorbynet forum has a bunch of pretty helpful folks who can answer your questions usually.

    However when buying a tractor...the things to consider most if what you need it for and the type of acreage you have rather than the amount of acreage. If you have a lot of woods and uneven ground or orchards...then a large tractor will be kinda useless because it won't fit anywhere. They make smaller-in-size but not wimpy in power tractors now.
    Also how often will you need to lift or move heavy stuff? A front loader with 600 lbs capacity vs 1200 lb capacity is a large difference. Will you need to mow large areas with it? Will you be doing a lot of clearing and setting posts? Or will you just need that done and then probably not need the extra power again? (if so, then renting larger for one or two big jobs is better than paying for more tractor than you need) Do you want easy to change attachments? 4wd or 2wd? Gas or diesel?

    I have a heavily wooded 4.5 acres with some cleared and the rest wooded. 1/2 acre of yard, 1.5 acres of cleared horse area and the rest heavy woods, ledge and steep as heck slopes. Over 1000' of driveways, all stone. I compost manure, not spread it. My grass turnout is small enough I don't need to mow it and the lawn has a lawnmower for it. I remove a lot of snow in winter.
    I have an NH TC33DA...largest of the mid-size frame tractors. It's a 4wd, diesel hydrostatic. Easy as pie to handle and drive, pretty simple to upkeep myself. (fluid changes, attachment changes, small repairs, filter changes, etc) That makes a huge difference because I don't have to hire someone or take it to the dealer for normal upkeep or wear and tear. If I had to buy again, I'd probably go a bit smaller really. I like having the extra oomph in power, but hardly ever need it. And I could get aroound the wooded areas easier if it were a bit smaller. I'd also prefer the newer models with 4 huge tires as opposed to the 2 front smaller tires that like to sink in the manure pile. But it works very well for me and we just paid it off last year.

    Oh and one last thing to think about: Check out the area dealers if you're buyin new. Check BBB and ask around who's bought from where. Even great tractor models can have crappy area dealers who stink at customer service...and that can ruin your tractor ownership. New Holland makes a great tractor, but the closest NH dealership near me (where I bought) was fabulous for sales and sucks out loud for repairs and customer service. I now order stuff online and pay shipping because it's actually still 30% or MORE cheaper than that dealership marks up!

    Good luck...there are lots of folks with much better tractor knowledge than I have and I hope they reply. Describing what you'll need the tractor for and what your property is like will help.
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    It's all about the implements and what size tractor you need to run the implements that will be useful to you.

    I don't know what we would do without the front end loader, back hoe attachment, 5' rottotiller, auger and brush hog... and that's just in the back yard
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    Default There Is One Site

    Go to the John Deere site and you will find under utility tractors a "help me determine what I need" just fill in the blanks.....out comes a suggested tractor.....

    I found it to be pretty accurate.

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