I've been dealing with a lot of "mental" issues post horse accident last July. When I sit on a horse, I'm fine. It only takes a minute or two to relax. Problem is......my accident was not an under saddle accident, rather it was on the ground. I thought I was better and past the nervousness, but a very minor incident at the barn the other day sent me in to a near panic attack. I was told I have PTSD related to the accident but I have yet to find a therapist or psychologist that will discuss the accident with me. I have literally been told (on multiple occasions) "you'll be fine. Just don't get nervous". Easier said than done when you haven't been trampled by an 1100lb animal.

Anyway, about a month ago, a horse freaked out, got loose from being tied up and bolted through the barn. I was in my horse's stall with him and it still freaked me out so bad that my horse sensed my fear and freaked. It took medication for me and a friend soothing my horse to get our nerves calm. The other night, my friend's mare had the most minor spook walking in from the field. Literally she looked and barely jumped sideways (nothing worth acknowledging) and it sent me in to a near tailspin mentally. It was that point I realized that apparently I'm not healed mentally and have some serious work to do.

I can't seem to find any sports psychologists in my area (which makes no sense). Does anyone know a good way to search and find them? Or any self soothing techniques so I can get back to being comfortable on the ground?