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    Default Stupid unpredictable spring weather- too cold for a bath?

    I have had big plans all week for a spa day at the barn. The mare is in desperate need of a bath and I am not going to have time to give her one again for a few weeks. It's supposed to top out around 63 degrees this afternoon, but it will be sunny. We do not have hot water available, and don't usually use a hose either, so I could fill a few buckets and leave them in the sun while I ride. She's a sensitive girl with a fine coat. I was thinking if I toss a cooler on her after the bath and hand graze her in a sunny spot for a bit she'd be OK. I think I'm spoiled from a few years at barns with hot water.

    Given the way the weather has been going here lately, I wouldn't be surprised if it was snowing the next day I want to bathe her, so I am woe to put it off any longer. Think it'll be OK?
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    Absolutely. 63 degrees is warm for horses. One of mine rolls in the water at the edge of the pond at 60 or higher. He thinks he is sweating, LOL.

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    I thought about you today, Rubyfree! My goal for this weekend was to get the winter dust and grime off and a shine on my VERY dirty horses. Yesterday was just too chilly. Today, the sun was shining, the air was warm and they got their baths. Finally! And when they were nice and clean, they got to dry off while grazing in clover.

    I think they feel better: I know I do!

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    We turn ours out in the rain with no blankets at 50 to 55 (even my thin skinned TBs, so she should be fine. We bathe at that temp and just throw a cooler on.
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    Buy an Anivac

    You could also heat some water with a kettle.

    Seems cold to me for a full regular bath though....maybe a spot bath, but I don't think I would get the entire horse wet.

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