Kind of a longshot but thought I'd start posting this on the forums that I go to. I'm in Minnesota and hoping that someone out there may have some history on this gelding.

Grey Thoroughbred gelding. By his tattoo, he's either a horse called "Secret Grey" (foaled in 1997) or "Badiola" (foaled in 2000). The letter in his tattoo is pretty unreadable, though I am going to try one more time, and also now that he's shed out, double check and see if he has any socks. He's fleabit, and also covered with old scrapes/bites that have grown in darker grey hair. He also has 2 brands on him- one is I believe a "lazy J, hanging A" and above that, the #43 (or 48?) on his left hip. He's a super nice horse and has been easy to work on, (he came in with the worst hoof abcesses we've ever had to deal with). I was told by the dealer I bought him from that he was "broke to ride and drive", for what that's worth. Don't know where he came from but between the tattoo and the brands, I'm sure he has a story somewhere! He's bored being stalled most of the time, and will kick the walls and bite at the air, lol. For as long as he's had to be in the barn he's been exeptionally patient though!

His one brand looks kind of like this, if you pretend that C__ equals "J" laying down: