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    Default customising my saddle for trail use

    i ride a haflinger and was lucky enough to find an older cortina ap at a thrift store. the saddle fits her like it was made for her, and while the seat is pretty flat and hard, it's comfortable enough, so i'm going to give it what it needs to suit me for trails.
    so far i use endurance stirrups, sheepskin pad and have a crupper for hills. i've got tapaderos ordered for the stirrups, and hope my saddler can attach a sheepskin seat cover for me.
    but i'd like a deeper seat altogther, and am wondering about asking the saddler if the seat itself can be reshaped and restuffed somehow. is that possible? or would adding knee rolls help perhaps? the saddle was forty buck,s so i don't mind spending money on it if i can really make it work for me.

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    The way that the seat of an english saddle is made precludes it from being changed. I've taken a couple apart and stood with a true saddler and had him show me the construction aspect of a saddle he was working on. In my opinion, you should get a Cashel seat cover, about the best softener around at a very reasonable price. Yes, a real saddler can add knee rolls under the outer flap but they probably won't be willing to change a plain flap to a padded suede covered flap. That would be major construction and would require experience with actual saddle building. Have the knee rolls added, then really oil the saddle flaps heavily with neats foot oil and go to work with shaping the leather flap over the knee rolls to shape a knee pocket just behing the rolls for your knees. Wetting the leather may help with shaping it into a pocket.

    You can also purchase the Cashel tie-on-on for the english saddles:


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    Quote Originally Posted by chicamuxen1 View Post
    You can also purchase the Cashel tie-on-on for the english saddles:

    I was going to suggest this, but Bonnie beat me to it. If you decide you want one, I actually have one that I don't need anymore since I got my endurance saddle. If you want to paypal me the shipping cost, I can send it to you -- it's just lying around in my tack trunk. PM if you're interested.
    RIP Victor... I'll miss you, you big galumph.

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