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    Default Cross-Post Truck and Trailer Shooping - Questions

    I am in the market for a used truck and trailer. My budget is between 15K and 20K cash to pay both (preferably in the 15K range). But, what I would prefer to do is put 10K on a truck and make small payments for the rest and find a 2horse trailer for around 5K maybe up to 7K.

    From a truck I want an extended cab or 4 door . I want a std bed, but my dad says get a short bed – why??? Most likely I will get a bumper pull. If I could find a 2-horse gooseneck in my price range that would be nice – but I am thinking with a gooseneck I would need the longer bed…

    What I need to know:

    1. Is a V6 ok or do I need a V8
    2. Do I need 4WD
    3. What brands are good for towing – previously I had a Ford F150, I have heard Dodges have bad transmissions, my dad says get a Toyota Tundra…..what are your opinions?
    4. Lastly, does it really need to be a truck or are larger model SUVs sufficient – Tahoes, etc.
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    I am no truck expert by any means. But I have hauled my fair share of horses. Here's what I've found:

    Get the biggest and most truck you can afford. After messing around with half tons and fuel efficient engines, I gave up and got a 3/4 ton diesel. That decision was very nice when I decided to get a second and larger trailer. I had a good enough truck that could pull it. In 5 years I bought/sold 4 trucks because they just weren't working out. Latest truck has been around for 4 years, and I still love it.

    Also, get the full size bed. Goose necks are hard to haul in a short bed, and besides, once you get a real truck, you'll be shocked at how often you use the bed as well as the hitch.

    If you have to use the truck for something besides just horses (like commuting), and fuel efficiency is a concern, then yes, there are SUVs that can tow decently. My parents have 2 horses and pull a 2 horse slant BP with it. They went with a Nissan Pathfinder. It's good, but heavy enough horses cause the suspension to bottom out, and they had to put in an upgrade or deal with breaking the SUV. Of course, 99% of the time they do not use it for horses.

    You do not need 4WD to haul. It is nice if you need to drive out in the pasture, OR if you get your rig stuck in the mud (yes, I did that!).

    Hope that helps.

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    You do not need 4WD to haul. It is nice if you need to drive out in the pasture, OR if you get your rig stuck in the mud (yes, I did that!).
    Yes, you need to ask yourself how many places do you go where you will need to park in a pasture or paddock? Where will you be parking/accessing your trailer? Would you use the truck to be able to get around in the winter or does your current vehicle handle the snow?

    Our dually F350 doesn't have 4x4 and we are out of luck using our trailer if the ground at our barn is slick at all. Too much rain and we can't get the trailer in or out. Ice/snow - no hauling anywhere. If we had a flat, graveled spot, it would be different but we have to work within the space we have.

    We frequently go places where trailer parking is in a field. I make double sure that I'll be able to get back out before I venture in with my rig.

    Buying used, do your research and know in advance what engine/transmission and gear ratios you want. Find a truck already used for hauling and you'll more than likely have your wish list checked off.

    I've noticed more than one nice used trailer up for sale for rock bottom prices lately, too. Check out Horse Trailer World and google for individual advertisements.
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    Thanks. I forgot to mention this will be my commuter car until I can scrape up more money to buy and insure an additional vehicle.

    I am thinking 4WD may be my best bet. We have decent gracvel trailer parking, still sometimes people get stuck. Also field parking when we have rainy springs could be a mess. Of course this is also my commuter car so I guess it would be good for winters as well.
    \"A smart lady knows its ok to change her mind, a damn fool never does\"

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    I second the recommendation to get something with 4WD. I can't tell you how many times I have needed it to get the trailer out of fields that looked perfectly fine when we drove in..! It's also lovely in winter when dealing with snow/ice. My F250 allows you to select 4WD when needed; the rest of the time it's off for better fuel efficiency, etc.

    I have a long bed since I tow a GN trailer and like the extra clearance, but it's also been super useful when going to Home Depot, doing home and garden projects and so forth. I have a B&W turnover ball hitch so I can make the bed perfectly flat anytime I want - I definitely recommend those. The long bed does make parking in close quarters a bit of a PITA, though. I don't love taking it to the grocery store, and in my state you can't take a truck of that size (weight) on parkways although I see people do it all the time. So those are things to consider as well. If you are set on a BP trailer the long bed might be overkill.

    Happy shopping! I love, love, love having my own truck and trailer and DH has frequently observed that if I had to give up one of my vehicles, the pretty Lexus that is my daily driver would be down the road without a second thought. (He is absolutely correct, LOL.)
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