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    Default Hock Sprain - Anyone dealt with one?

    Just wondering is anyone else has had a similar experience as I want an idea what to expect.

    About 2 weeks ago my horse came out of her stall in the morning with a cut on her leg (not significant) and a slightly swollen hock. The consensus was that she must have cast herself and banged up her leg.

    She wasn't sore and was sound but I treated her conservatively by giving her a couple days off, bute for inflammation and then put her back in light work per the vets instructions.

    The swelling in the hock is boggy and reduces a bit with light exercise and the hope was that the swelling would be gone by the end of two weeks. But now, two weeks later, the boggy swelling is still there. And while she has been as sound as can be for the last two weeks (light work only), yesterday she was 'off' on it. So now she's booked in for the whole shebang - lameness exam, ultrasound, etc.

    I can rule out OCD as I have lots of x-rays of that hock, so I am worried about a sprain. Boggy swelling is in the bog spavin and thouroughpin areas.

    So anyone else go through a "hock sprain"? How long to recover? How long till the swelling went? Or did it stay forever? Not sure about what kind of horrors can be found via ultrasound in that joint.

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    I have a horse that did this. Two years later he has a thoroughpin to prove it and is perfectly sound on it.

    My vet x-rayed it to be sure he did not pull a chip and then we rested him. DMSO and a few days of bute.

    In the big scheme of his life and all the other NDEs I could care less. Hope yours does as well.
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