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    Default Fly System suggestions?

    I have never seen flies this bad so early! I'm going crazy- I can't get it under control! I did fly predators early, take the manure away and my barn is still "a buzz"!! I'm not a fan of chemicals but I may give up and get a fly system...any suggestions?

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    Jun. 22, 2008
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    I use the Country Vet battery operated system, one per stall (I have 4). It works pretty well, not 100% fly free, but certainly less than if I were not using it at all.

    One month I bought the more expensive spray cans for mosquitos, and honestly, the regular spray works better.
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    I use the fly predators outside the barn. Inside the barn I have the quickstrike fly strips, they really work. I've used the country vet sprays, but with fans going they don't seem to help. The quickstrike strips work if you can keep them dry and some what clean. I get a twisted satisfaction seeing all the dead bodies around them

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    I had an entire barn fly system put in a month ago and so far no flies. We have a 14 stall barn and they put in about 21 nozzles, the tank, the first fill of chemicals and the installation for $1800. I am happy as a clam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by In the Air View Post
    I had an entire barn fly system put in a month ago and so far no flies. We have a 14 stall barn and they put in about 21 nozzles, the tank, the first fill of chemicals and the installation for $1800. I am happy as a clam.
    Which automated fly control system did you install? Do you have the nozzles spraying in the entire barn or only in the stalls? Pros/cons, suggestions?

    For those that have used the wall dispenser variety (with refill cans) which brand do you think works best? I see on Jeffers they have Country Vet and the Macro Fly Manager.

    I have only 4 stalls in my barn and an additional 4 bays taken up for hay storage, feed room, tack room and wash rack. Basically, it is a 36x48 barn. I'm not sure the automated systems are worth it. Thoughts? Then I have a shed room with a foaling stall and a regular stall. The flies are relentless. What would you use, if anything, if there is a foal?

    We are using fly trap bags, sticky tape, hanging sticky doo-dads that sparkle or have smelly stuff, and are using fly control. Unfortunately we have livestock on all sides of us so there is an incredible amount of flies. I hate it when the cattle want to hang out along my fenceline. Predators don't make a dent in this situation which is why I have gone to Solitude feed through IGR fly control as well.
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    It's been a worse than normal year here in New England, too. We actually HAD spring this year and everything is early- even the mid-summer biting flies. I just have a 2 stall shedrow setup. I have misters like MunchkinsMom in each , have hanging traps and feed a feed-thru. Nothing is 100%, but I'm holding my own here. Manure is composted well away from the barn, I still need to spray the girl, but now that the gnats( noseeums, black-/may-flies) have gone things are not quite as bad.

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