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    Nov. 21, 2008

    Default Indoor Arena Light Replacement

    I'm about to sign a lease for a facility with an indoor. According to the commercial lease, we are responsible for replacing the indoor's lights if they burn out. I don't have any specifications for the lights but I was hoping to get a ballpark estimate of what one might cost to replace. TIA!

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    May. 16, 2005
    Elmwood, Wisconsin


    What kind of lights? The metal halide bulbs are around
    $20 each. Florescents, the 8' ones meant for cold climate
    use, are $5-$10 each. Probably not using ordinary light
    bulbs (although I have seen indoor arenas so lit). Those
    can be had for around $1-$2 for a box of 4 bulbs. None
    of the types I mentioned require an expert to replace,
    you can do it yourself or hire a handiman type to do it.
    Only problem may be that you will need scaffolding or
    tall stepladder to reach the fixture.
    Robin from Dancing Horse Hill
    Elmwood, Wisconsin

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    Apr. 6, 2006
    Plainview, MN


    If the indoor arena ceiling is so high that you can not reach it from a tall step ladder you may have to rent a scissor lift from a rental place to change the lights, that may be the most expensive part. Also have to leave the scissor lift on a flat trailer and drive it in the arena that way, they don't work on non-solid floors. The rental place near me rents a lift for $75 for 4 hours.

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    Nov. 21, 2008


    Yes, they are high up so we would probabaly need some sort of lift. Unfortunately, I don't know what type of lights they are. Thanks for the info!

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