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    Default Other Options for Tipperary Helmet Lover

    I have an original (I mean original original) Tipperary helmet that I love. Bought in 2003. Needs to be replaced!

    I have the changed style that I bought a few years ago. As Tipperary fans know, this "new" style did not fit like the old. Don't like it.

    I was thrilled when they announced they were bringing the old style back. Tried the new version of the old style last fall. Unfortunately, despite the claims that this had the original styling, it doesn't fit like the original. I like the "middle" version better than this later version.

    I swear, I have tried on every other helmet brand in the local tack shops and can't find anything I like. Suggestions from other original Tipperary lovers? I know I should not still be wearing a helmet that is over 7 years old, but have not been able to find anything else that fits me well.

    Why, oh why, did Tipperary change such a good thing?

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    My experience was a little different. I had the old Tipp and it was great, and I bought the new one when it came out and hated it (we agree there!). When they brought back the old style, I got one of those and liked it nearly as well as the oldest one, and way better than the middle one.

    I've recently bought one of the new Ovation helmets and really like it, even better than any of the Tipp helmets. It has the dial-fit thing, which had me a little leery, but it seems to hold up okay and the helmet is lightweight, airy, and has nice coverage down the back of the head, like the old Tipps. You might try one of those. There was a recent thread on the Ovation helmets here on COTH and I remember the reviews were pretty positive, so you might search for that.

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    Well - maybe this will work for you!

    No joke. Try the Troxel. I have the new Tipperary, and it fits like a charm - but the Troxel Legacy Gold no longer does (which had been my helmet of choice).

    I found that the Aegis fit like the Tipperary, so that won't work for you. The Internationals didn't fit me at all, regardless of style (I think they are made for more round and less oval heads). Could not find an Ovation to try, but others did suggest that to me.
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