I'm trying to find some information and maybe some photos of my horse before I had him. He was imported over here to the UK in 2007/2008 from Holland as a 4 year old. He was brought over here as part of a 4 horse driving team, but they were split up and broken in to ride once in the UK. He's 7 years old now, he was born in Gilze on 4/05/2003. He's a 16hh black Gelderlander named Pancho his passport name is Waterman B.
His shire is Waterman (Noran x Rasjana) and Dam is Simone (Fabricius x Irene).
The breeder on his passport is A. Bastiaansen.
I have tried to find information on his breeder, a website or even contact details but I can't find anything (mainly due to the fact that I don't speak Dutch).
If anyone knows anything about him or his breeder please let me know, thanks everyone.
Some photos of him: