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    Feb. 22, 2010

    Default think the old man needs a friend?

    So I finally got a chance to go home over spring break and bring my 22 yr old gelding back to grad school with me. I was thinking this grad school thing would be a 2 yr deal, but now I've decided to hold out for a PhD... so basically I'm going to be here a while.
    I've had this gelding for 12 yrs and if you ask me, he's the best horse ever!
    He made the move in mid March. He has been on pasture 24/7 for the past 6 yrs- now he's still on 24/7 pasture... but moved from about a 35 acre pasture with 6-10 other horses, to a 10 acre pasture with one other gelding.
    He's lost about 50 pounds since he's been here... He'll graze about 10 minutes, then walk a lap around the pasture looking around... almost like he's trying to figure out where the other horses are. His pasture is surrounded by neighboring pastures with cattle in them - the geldings are the only 2 horses around. The other gelding is 8yrs old, but was a stallion until he was 5, so lived alone for most of his life. He lived in the pasture by himself until my horse got here. I think he could care less about my gelding, which may be part of the problem? I've increased his grain a little to try to help maintain his weight, but think it would be best if I could cut down on allllll the walking.

    Sooo, long story short. I've been thinking about trying to find a buddy for the old man. As a grad student, I'm really not in a financial position to own a second horse... and I'm worried that the fence won't contain goats, so was thinking about a donkey or mini-donkey. Anyone have any experience with mini-donkeys as companions? Where would be a good place to look? Do most donkeys accept horses as a buddy easily, or should I try to find a donkey that currently lives with horses? Anybody know a donkey that needs a home?



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    Aw...your poor old man. He is lonely.

    My horse LOVES minis. He had a mini that followed him everywhere.
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    Whatever you get as a buddy for your horse needs to be compatible with the other horse in the paddock. Having said that, worse case scenario would be the buddy teams up with the other horse and your gelding is on the outer.
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