I'm wondering if anyone has experience/success with changing your horse's bit after dental work.

I have a horse who had good dental work done every year and used to go very well in one of the loose ring aurigan bits. We switched her to a loose ring stainless steel bit, and she didn't mind at all. She still went just fine. Except her dental work went downhill during that time (very long story).

Since then, we have reinstated the good dental work (and this has taken place over a few years, so she has had plenty of time to adjust), but now it seems like she doesn't go as well in the stainless steel bit. I'm just wondering if it might help to switch her back to aurigan (I think it was slightly narrower, but only by a few mm, maybe?).

I understand that the bad dental work could have caused some pain memory, and I understand that there are tons of other factors besides just changing the bit, but I was just wondering if anyone ever found that they did have to change the bit due to changes in your horse's dental work. Thanks for your input!