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    Oct. 9, 2002
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    Unhappy NJ folks- stray persian kitty has an adopter, but needs a way to get there!

    My brother lives in Edison, NJ and recently received visits from what appears to be an older persian cat. He has been feeding him the past couple of days but won't touch him or bring him inside because a) while he has two cats of his own, doesn't know much about them and b) is afraid to bring the cat into his house if it's sick. In fact, my brother is afraid to touch him all together LOL.

    Anyway, I live about three hours away and I have a customer who loves persians and would be willing to give this guy a loving and wonderful home.

    Problem is I can not get out there this week to get the old guy, my brother will not take him in, and I don't want to risk him getting injured in the meantime. Is there any kind soul who is in the area that would take him for a couple of days to a week and a half or so? Or any one who may be making a trip from NJ to the Harrisburg/Carlisle area any time soon? I could meet someone there, or in the Hagerstown, MD area if they are heading that way.

    Here is a pic of him, hope you can see him:

    He really needs to get into a safe place with some medical attention soon.

    Any help would be appreciated!
    Erin and
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    Oct. 6, 2002
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    Send me an email (vxf111 @ I am in South Jersey. I cannot have another cat but I could shelter one on a temporary basis and go get him sometime this week. I am just outside of Philadelphia, could maybe meet you 1/2way this Sunday? I am also going to Carlisle May 12th but would prefer not to house a strange kitty that long. Send me an email.
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