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    Default Stallion Owners, have you had people advertising foals by your stallion that aren't?

    Sigh! This is now the third time in the last six months that I've found an "Alvesta Picasso" offspring advertised on the internet that is not sired by Alvesta Picasso. Haven't had a response back from this latest one yet, but the last two stated the previous owners they bought the ponies from told them they were by our stallion.

    Have any other Stallion Owners out there had problems with this happening? Pretty dirty thing to do in my opinion.

    And for those that are buying horses and ponies out the Breeder, contact the Stallion Owner for verification. If a Stallion Owner has been diligent about their breeding records, they will be able to verify parentage for you.
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    Well, no, but I did have a friend ask me once if "this horse" was actually out of one of our mares - it turned out to be one of those "sim player" people who make up horses for their fantasy stable games, using real horses' photos and information - they are the same folk who make the AllBreedPedigree such an infernal crapshoot....

    What, do these new pony owners not ask for registration documents with the horses they buy? OMG, what world are they living in?
    shaking head slowly....

    well, maybe it's flattering in a sickening sort of way.
    Sorry you are experiencing this!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daventry View Post
    the last two stated the previous owners they bought the ponies from told them they were by our stallion.

    Have any other Stallion Owners out there had problems with this happening? Pretty dirty thing to do in my opinion.
    Similar. I had someone contact me about a youngster she purchased that was supposed to be sired by a "son" of my stallion. At the time, there were only a couple of sons out there that were old enough to even think about breeding. I knew where they were, and they were all gelded.

    We were planning to do DNA against Nevada to see if it was actually his direct yearling, but I lost the owner's contact information, and was not able to get back to her.

    I HAVE contacted the seller several times, actually on this forum, and got no response.

    I am hoping at some point the owner contacts me again. The horse's name is Jax R Wild. or Nevada's Jax R Wild.
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    Yes. Because an unpapered foal allegedly by Concerto Grosso was sold to Canada and when the new owner applied for papers the DNA did not match. She called me. I did the best I could to help her.

    All the paperwork from our end had been done right at the time of breeding and we of course did a year end report for the relevant associations (AHHA and ISR Oldenburg) on the mare having sent semen that year, but either the breeder or a dealer switched foals... I never found out the outcome. Really hard and expensive for her to try to sue somebody across the border, it's hard even across state lines in US.


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    It happened to me occassionally. It was either a foal by my stallion or a horse I bred. Not so many wild claims out there now due to the internet. I had my stallion typed so there the proof would be on file with Davis.
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    If I see a horse advertised as by my stallion, I immediately check my records, and call the sellers to determine which horse this is.
    A couple of times (that I know of) horses have been advertised as being by him, and they have not been.
    I have contacted the sellers to ensure that they change their advertising accordingly.
    A number of times also, I have seen horses advertised as being by a 'brother' or out of a 'sister' to my stallion - and again this is not true.
    I call the people advertising and insist they correct their claims.

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    One time i had a breeder tell me that a grey yearling I was looking at was by my stallion...who was JET black....and the dam was bay....I was like ummmmm. NO! Black and bay DO NOT make grey. LOL!

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    LOL we just had someone post on one of our youtube videos that he owned the dam of one of our geldings, and had bred that horse. Completely different bloodlines, this horse was an import from Holland, etc. Not quite

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