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    Sep. 12, 2009

    Default DIY Projects

    Any ideas?

    Looking for some fun/creative things to do...anything horsey or critter related that is actually useful for something or looks pretty. lol.

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    Jul. 4, 2008
    The Great Northwest!


    There is a cool book on for horsey people that has jumps, saddle racks, and other cool things to make.

    It's on my wish list :-)

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    Jan. 31, 2003


    Come by anytime, the list is endless LOL
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    Well I;ve got a couple DIY projects on my list for this spring.
    An outdoor slow feeding hay box (well, two of them) and a fly trap.
    I had a raised garden bed box on the list, but then realized I had a built in one on my stone patio. Okay, so it had useless flowering bush things in it already. But those popped right out. Now there's veggies in it.
    I'd try to give suggestions for DIY projects...but although I'm constantly working on DIY projects myself...only about 1 out of every 5 attempts actually work out. The rest of my DIY projects I just re-name Prototype.
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    Jul. 24, 2008


    Halter fuzzies are really easy to make.

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    Sep. 24, 2008


    Well, since you asked....My newest project was to learn to braid horse hair, because I wanted to make a browband using tail hair from my horse that I lost, and braid it with some silver beads into a browband for my new horse. (And, I hope she gets some of his smarts!).

    Braiding horsehair is NOT as easy as they make it look, and there is quite a bit of preparation to it. I just did a plain 3 strand braid, as the four strand round braid that I tried was making me CRAZY! This was a trial, but next time, I'll make it thicker, and I'll add round silver beads at intervals. I made it with jewellry cable running through it, and then used this to make it into an interchangeable browband string using this kit. .

    Another of my projects was to make a non-freezing bucket for my horse's stall last year. I made the prototype But now that it is figured out it would likely cost about $30.00 to make) and it didn't freeze ONCE. I board and can't use heated buckets etc, so I came up with that. I am in the process of making a PDF for it so that others can make one, too or even an outdoor one for pastures.

    I recently put together a "trailer tool kit" of all the items I might need when trailering...tire pressure gauge, extra of everything, one of those "instant tire" sealers to get you to the next gas station, flashlight, those reflective triangle thingies you put out at night to signal other drivers if you have to stop along the road, ratchet set, etc.....and I leave it in my truck ALL the time. Would make a great gift, too!


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    Sep. 24, 2008


    BTW, if anyone has any more info about braiding horsehair or links, I'd appreciate it.

    I'd love to be able to do it myself!


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    Aug. 13, 2008


    I've started making saddle pads. I've been wanting some custom baby pads, but all the tack stores charge an arm and a leg, so I decided to make some myself. Granted, it takes a while because I'm sewing challenging and my machine likes to cause trouble, but at least I can make the pads the way I want them!

    A big DIY project would be to make a tack trunk if you want one and don't already have one. I've enlisted my dad to do that project!

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    Feb. 16, 2003
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    Quote Originally Posted by indygirl2560 View Post
    I've started making saddle pads. I've been wanting some custom baby pads, but all the tack stores charge an arm and a leg, so I decided to make some myself. Granted, it takes a while because I'm sewing challenging and my machine likes to cause trouble, but at least I can make the pads the way I want them!
    A suggestion for sewing machines, is to take them in and get them cleaned. Often when someone says the machine is hard to use, they can't tell you when it was last oiled or cleaned. They got it used or free, because it was driving someone else crazy with not working!

    I have a couple elderly machines, 60 some years on one (no not a treadle either!), which were quite expensive when new. They both started acting up, so I just hauled them in and got them cleaned. He said old oil attracts dust, which will solidify if your machines are not in constant use. He changed some worn belts, adjusted stuff and they are like NEW, just not as complicated! Both sew beautifully now, have been keeping them busy.

    So check around, see what it would cost to get your machine cleaned, adjusted, maybe some new belts. $50-100, is average, depending on how much they need to do. I could not get the same quality machines, buying new, as my old ones. They don't make new ones this good anymore. So well worth it for me to spend $100 every few years instead of buying a cheap new machine that has few features and is poorly built for my projects. I bet your machine would be a LOT more cooperative after being cleaned! Then making saddle pads would go even faster for you!!

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    Not my project but someone on another forum posted about making easy cavaletti.


    Get some plastic 5 gallon paint buckets with lids (I myself contemplated doing it with kitty litter buckets). Cut a hole in the side near to one end just big enough to stick your pole in. Stick each end of the pole in a bucket.

    Now with the lids, they're stackable, and since you put the poles on one end (instead of the center), you can get variable heights depending on which way you have the buckets turned.

    The person also suggested putting some sand in the buckets to weigh them down a bit and keep them steady.
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