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    HeartsNhorses Guest

    Default Boarding at the Wisconsin Equestrian Center?

    Potential boarder would like to know…
    Does anyone on this forum currently (or has in the past) boarded their horse at the Wisconsin Equestrian Center (WEC)?
    I've looked at the web page and it is nice but I wish they would have included *alot* more pictures and information about the facility, thus leaving me with still having some (ok, well a lot of) extra questions.

    According to you what are the busiest days and times to ride/ work with your horse at this facility? What time during the day does this place seem to be packed with riders, students, lessons going on, etc.?

    How tall is the ceiling in the indoor (and the ceiling in the stable areas)? How wide are the aisles?

    How do they choose to go about keeping the dust down during the winter and summer months –and can you ride during that time or no?

    What size is the lounge? Observation areas? Tack rooms? Offices? Wash stalls? What size is the grain/supplement room? Kitchen/ utility room? Do they have a place to wash blankets and/or clean tack and other horse equipment?

    What do the tack rooms look like - do they consist of lockers or are they just an open space? How organized (or cluttered) are they? How many boarders keep their equipment in each tack room? How much space is allowed per boarder? How much tack is any one boarder allowed to bring with them – is there any rules pertaining to that (for example, one saddle/bridle, etc. per horse)? How/where should my tack be marked for identification purposes? Is there a lost and found and where is it located?

    What size of paddock would my horse be placed in if I choose individual turn out and for how long of a time each day? What size of paddock if turned out with a buddy and for how long would they be turned out? What size of pasture if placed in a group? How many would be in a group at any given time and are the horses separated by gender or are they all mixed in together? How long each day are they turned out? What size is the round pen? Would I have to turn out and get my horse or would someone else do it for me?

    How many Cross Country jumps do they have on their course? How many Show jumps do they have (when the jumping ring is fully set up)? Anyone know what level or size that new water jump is?

    I don’t mind showing but if I choose not to show on that day, do I have to pay a “not participating in the show” fee? If I were to not show that day, but just wanted to exercise or ride my horse would I be allowed or able to – would there be any open rings or trails or such? Kind of the same thing but what happens when they have a USPC rally or camp – would I be able/allowed to work my horse, as I pleased, without participating or bothering their activities or would my horse have to sit in its stall during those times with only being handled to be turned out (or being returned to the stall)?

    Do they have “their” veterinarian, equine dentist and farrier or do you choose your own? Do they offer professional grooms, tack cleaners, Equine massage therapists, chiropractors or any other forms of alternative horse therapy? How is their de-worming procedure – do they do it, does the vet do it or do you do it yourself?

    Where do most people at this facility shop for their equestrian needs or wants?

    What are the facilities rules for safety and to help make everything run smoother?
    Is there a waitlist for potential boarders or can I just call, send my horse’s negative coggins and list of shots, pay, come in and bring my horse?

    What are the boarder’s personalities like and what are, or were, your personal experiences like with the WEC?

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    HeartsNhorses Guest


    Oh, and yeah if I choose to board at the WEC what would be my "minimum" boarding requirement be - another words, could I board there for only a month or would I have to sign a contract stating I would agree to have my horse being boarded there for like 6 months to a year or so yet I could pay on a month to month basis?

    And if I wanted to keep my stall but sold my current horse then went looking for a new horse (which I'd plan to board there, if I ended up boarding there) how much $$$ would I have to pay each month, during that time, inorder for that stall to be kept on 'reserve' (yet there's no animal in it) until I got a new horse?

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    I friend of mine, who is into dressage, lived near Green Bay until recently. I will ask her if she is familiar with this facility.

    You are asking a lot of very good, detailed questions. You'll likely get the the best answers to most by e-mailing or calling the farm directly.
    "Is it ignorance or apathy? Hey, I don't know and I don't care." ~Jimmy Buffett

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