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    Oct. 6, 2008

    Default a slight lameness issue...any ideas?

    I get my horse adjusted by the chiropractor on a regular basis. He had been holding the adjustments pretty well for a while. Last month, he came up stiff in his hind end and short stepping to the right, called out the chiropractor and the problem was gone.

    Now, less than a month later or just about a month, I get on him for a lesson and he is short stepping again to the right. It is almost like he is dragging his right hind foot. I am hoping it is a fluke occurrence and he did something odd in the field, but he was also holding his tail up a little. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be?

    here are some things about him:

    1)He has never really had any apparent lameness issues. Occasionally he had to have a day or two off for getting kicked in the field, but other than that I have been very happy with him.

    2)He is not an old horse-he only turned 7 in april.

    3)His feet are up to date. He is due in two weeks, but he is always shoed on time and by a reputable farrier who has always done a very good job with him. He has shoes on all four feet.

    4) His training is not extremely hard, but it isn't easy. He was pretty green when I got him still and since then he has learned to come down into the bridle and do lead changes and such. We are not consistently jumping him yet, though we have done a little in the past. We were hoping to start jumping him again this week, just trying to get his flat work nice and we are really in no rush to get him over fences.

    5) I bought him two years ago when he was five and got x-rays done on him as a pre-purchase by a reputable vet. She said his x-rays were great and didn't see any kind of problem. I also got blood work (because he was infested with ticks) and of course did the regular flexion tests and such.

    6) Since I bought him he had been out on pasture board till this January of 2010 in which he has been stalled. He still gets turned out of a daily basis permitting the weather is reasonable.

    7) The lameness was not so bad that I could notice it very well on the lunge line, but my trainer saw it while I was framing him up under saddle and I could feel it.

    8) I didn't feel any swelling in his legs and on Sunday I did notice a little cut on his cannon bone but i treated it. It was very small (kind of like a nick we would get with a razor)

    9) I just got his teeth floated in march when he had his annual vaccinations.

    I put linament on his legs yesterday after I rode him, hoping he is just sore or something and put him back out- in which he trotted off away from me very happily tossing his head.

    I just want your views. Should I get him adjusted again or could this be masking something else that is going on? The vet is coming out tomorrow to survey another horse and my trainer recommended I have her look at him if he is still a little off.

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    Dec. 19, 2007


    I would have the vet out to take a look and do an exam.

    My guy injured some muscle in his right hind and began compensating with other parts of his body. I only noticed one and not the other. The vet was able to point out both issues and solve the problem accordingly. We put him on Bute for a week to help with inflammation the had the chiro out and the massage therapist after that. It's mostly resolved itself (had the vet back for a second check to make sure) so we never had to take more action. I probably could have jumped right into the chiro and massage but it was nice to have the vet's opinion.

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    Apr. 7, 2009
    Los Angeles


    Has he had any problems with his left shoulder in the last several months?

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    May. 17, 2003


    I personally would have the vet out and get a proper diagnosis before I treated anything with chiro or massage.

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    Oct. 6, 2008

    Red face

    thanks for all the reply's. I actually noticed some puffiness in my horses left hind leg yesterday and when my trainer watched me ride him she said he was fine-but have just gotten a bump in the field and the swelling was just on its way out or something. Just proves what a worry wart mother I am-he was fine the next day!

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