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    Dec. 25, 2006

    Default horses next door don't have good fence

    Just venting don't know what to do.
    I am so sick of the lady who lives ned xt door. She has electric tape that has never ever is only been on. It is only waist high and several places only to horses knees. They keep getting out. So everyone around just has gotten to the point that they don't care. Lady won't listen to anyone. Sherriff office said to call them and they will call Animal Control everytime. Live on a gravel road and worry one of the horses are going to get hit soon. Any ideas!!!!!!! So have to put lock on gate so horses are never put in my fields. Guy across street keeps putting loose horses in his field. So most evenings she puts them back in her field. Now I hear she wants to get another horse for kids to ride. Hear is funny part horse has to be trained to stay in her fence like her other horses. My friend just said nothing to her.

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    Dec. 27, 1999
    Midland, NC, USA


    So what does Animal Control do?

    Can you check on zoning ordinances? Most areas have some kind of minimal fencing rules.....

    Has anyone mentioned to her that if her horses are HABITUALLY loose and cause an accident, she'll be liable for any injuries/deaths? (in many jurisdictions anyway, YMMV). That actually worked on our neighbors who would let their goats run loose because they were "sick of them being in the backyard".


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    Dec. 25, 2006


    Darn lady doesn't care that horses are out. She just tells folks that a place was down in fence and she fixed it. What she has said the last couple of times is the electric wasn't working and now it is. She has never had electric on the fence. Animal control has told me that you have to have photos of horses out of fence and least 3 different times. Had law looked up and was told it says you have to have a fence up and didn't even say what kind of fence.

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