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    Default What is your average IGG level?

    Just curious.

    I think have a supermare. My filly's IGG was in the 4100 range.

    This mare's 08 colt had somewhere in the 3000 range.

    Is my mare a freak? Should I be selling this colostrom as magic potion?

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    I bet most people here are using the SNAP test, which gives a range, instead of an actual number (i.e <400, 400-800 and >800). I know that with our practice to get an actual number you have to send the IgG to an outside lab, which obviously means you have to wait on results. We use the SNAP test so that we can have an immediate idea of whether or not we have a failure of passive transfer.
    But lucky you, to have such consistently good colostrum!
    Already excited about our 2016 foals! Expecting babies by Indoctro, Diamant de Semilly, Zirocco Blue and Calido!

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    Of the 21 foals that I tested last year between work and home two tested under 800. This year we are at 19 of 24 and so far every foal has been over 800. That is probably because we bled our own geldings this year and put up some plasma, you know if you are prepared you don't need it .

    I would love to have one of the quantitative machine that ARS and Midland sell. They run 2-3k and the test supplies are around $10/test so over a couple of years it would be worth it.

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    I had 5 so far this year and all but one was over 3900.....

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    We use the snap tests so yes, it only says 800+ which most of ours are. We've had 3 out of 22 foals that were less than 800, two were dummy and one the mare foaled very early due to placentitis and her vaccines hadn't had a chance to build.
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