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    Default Advice on going from a 3mo old trace clip to full body clip? Also color enhancement

    It's about a week and a half until the show... and that trace clip just isn't going anywhere! So I need advice (and encouragement!) on going from a trace clip to a full body clip (trace clip not appropriate - Morgan show).

    So PLEASE give me all your best tips and advice! I've got the following:
    -Clean horse
    -Showsheened horse
    -Take my time
    -Long, even strokes
    -Blades flat
    -Clip against direction of growth
    -Have spare blades

    I've read about clipping wet, but I just don't think I'm game for that. I also heard tell of a baby oil rinse afterward? Please explain.
    I'm borrowing a friend's Oster variable speed Clipmaster and I have Wahl adjustable stable clippers of my own...

    This is made trickier by the fact that the horse is not really a pretty color underneath, so I need any and all suggestions to make her shiny and dark again! I am doing the following to help with that:

    -Grand Hoof Pellets w/ MSM
    -Flysheet w/ neck cover
    -Mesh Slinky-type hood/shoulder cover
    -Spray-on sunscreen

    I also have Shapley's Equi-Tone (black), Oster Black Pearl, Rio-Vista Hi-Black Burgundy, and maybe Gallop (black) at my disposal. I read something about hair dye mixed with Showsheen... and something about sponging dye all over the horse...


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    body clipping is pretty straight forward, so don't worry about it too much! heck, it can even be fun [for about the first 5min or so! ] my biggest piece of advice is don't wait until the day before the show - i had a friend do that and there were track marks and gouges everywhere! personally, i like to give mine a lil time to grow out so all the imperfections aren't totally obvious

    i usually clip wet. not soaking wet, but spray bottle damp. sharp, lubed blades are definitely your friend! i keep a plastic bowl of blade cleaner next to me and dip the clippers regularly. i start with the areas i need to be extra careful with - around the mane, if i'm doing a rump design, tail head, etc - because my precision tends to fade with time i do my lines with about 1/8 inch overlap and usually take a break after one side to give my arm, the horse and the clippers a chance to relax [be careful, clippers / blades can get super hot on body clips, so touch the blades often!]. if time permits, i do all the "little stuff" and touchups the next day so i'm looking at the horse with fresh eyes

    after you clip, slather mayo all over her - smells rotten, but it puts a nice shine on 'em and helps with "mousey" coloring that darks can get when clipped.

    i've never used the fancy color enhancing shampoo's, so i can't help you with a recommendation there. also, i'm not sure about using color / dye on horses... never tried it.

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    Just go for it pattnic . I wish I was of more help, but make sure those clipper blades are sharp, sharp, sharp and make sure you have plenty of Kool Lube and blade cleaner at your disposal.

    I have tried the baby oil rinse afterwards. IIRC, I just squirted some baby oil in a bucket of hot water and sponged on Gus then waited a few minutes and rinsed off. But I'm lucky that he's a dun-ish color and it's very clipper friendly .

    And I'd definitely be clipping within the next day or two. That way you still have time to groom the snot outta Star to make her sparkle that much more.

    Good luck and I so want to see photos of the show (and the clip). [And I need to call you soon about other stuff ].
    Proud owner of Gus & Gringo.
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