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    Default How to safely go from stall to pasture?

    sorry, it's yet another pasture boarding questions.

    My gelding spent all of his life (5yo) in pasture except for the last 6 months, when he was in a stall with a paddock. I've decided to move him back to pasture for my pocketbook and his well being. Unfortunately, I just realized that the fresh grass is coming in and I'm wondering if it will be a problem.
    Would turning him out in pasture for an hour one day and gradually increase his time there the right way to do? Other suggestions?

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    That's basically what I did with my boys. They were on a sacrifice paddock all winter to save the pasture and I let a good amount of spring grass come up before I turned them out.

    I turned them out for 2-3 hours the first day and they were fine. The next day I gave them another hour or so and they all had tummy aches!

    I slowly increased the time until now when they are out from before I go to work (around 8) to when I'm off and done all my errands (6-7pm).

    They get grain in the morning before they go out and in the evening, but not as much as they get in the winter. They also get a flake of hay each at night when they are in their sacrifice paddock.

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