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    Default Liniment vs. Rubbing Alcohol vs. Poultice

    Does one have benefits over another? When do you use each one? Which do you prefer?

    A customer at work was asking us what the differences were and which products are best to use. Just interested in hearing everyone's thoughts/opinions.
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    I've never noticed any real benefits from liniments or rubbing alcohol.

    If you are looking for painnumbing properties, the only ones that in my experience have been helpful would be EPF-5 & Equi-block.

    White clay poultices are useful to get swellings down with soft tissue injuries.

    I would love to hear about experience with HA-rub ons or Cetyl-myristoleate rub-ons. Like Hyalun Rub for example. Do they really get to the joint & make a difference?

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    Honestly, I have never noticed any difference between rubbing alcohol. assorted linaments, and some stuff I make myself, save some of the commercial stuff has enough menthol to make interesting red spots on my hands. The way linaments really work is the massage that goes with the application, although there is some cooling action provided by the product drying; the same can be achieved with plain water. Poultices will draw heat from a leg, but should not be used if there is an open wound.

    I have always been suspect of instant cure rubs - the latest, best, new and highly touted thing that costs 10 times what regular stuff does.
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    I used Sore No More for our gaming horse when he ran last year along with cold hosing after runs. This horse is 18, has known bone ship and is mildly arthritic but he took great care of my then 12-year old daughter. The Sore No More definitely kept swelling and stiffness down in his legs. It doesn't heat up the way a traditional liniment can so there were no skin issues.

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    My horse's sensitive legs burn if I use liniment and wrap. I have no problems with poultice.

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    I use alcohol. For my mare, liniment is more for helping her cool off even faster (ie, body brace), not to aid in soreness. Alcohol is cheap, speeds evaporation, and doesn't make my nails feel like they're on fire like some liniments do.
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