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    Jan. 19, 2009
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    Default Recovery from bruised lung?

    Anybody ever bruise a lung?

    long story short....big horse with no place to go, stupid me in the wrong place.... horse smashes chest.... I hear a "pop" on impact. Pain mostly around the 6th rib on the left side...

    Seem OK, but it hurts...duh! big breaths, wrong moves, coughing all = OUCH!

    Go riding a few days later and seem OK but moderately painful...two days later go riding again and am in so much pain at the end (1 hour maybe...), I can hardly breathe... same trail and pace, but the jostling really gets to me, slide off horse in severe pain... Pain now radiating all around to my back and down my arm..... not sure why suddenly so bad..

    Walk home, have DH take me to Dr who hears some squeaks in my lungs and takes chest radiograph and finds atelectic lung under the point of impact (5th- 6th rib leftside). Diagnosis, lung contusion... no air in the pleural space luckily!

    No lifting, no exercise, no riding... 6 weeks!

    It's been one week and I'm going nuts (2 weeks from the accident).... Still have moderate pain, but I can see pain going away in another week... if it gets better at the same rate

    I really want to ride!!!!

    I really don't want permanent lung damage....

    OK, it's late at night and I'm whining....

    This is what happens when I don't do anything all day....not sleepy now....
    Turn off the computer and go ride!

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    Mar. 7, 2004
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    Can I be really mean and say lucky you not to have broken a rib? I broke ribs and bruised my lung two years ago and sometimes still feel the rib pain. I was pretty blase about it, but the Dr put the fear into me, talking about blood clots and punctured lungs and the fact that I live a long way from town: "If you can't get your breath, or the pain gets ANY worse, ring for an ambulance STRAIGHT AWAY. This is your life at stake" He also gave me lots of hints about coughing and sneezing, no laughing and keeping away from anyone with illnesses which result in coughing or sneezing. He told me it would be at least 4 months before I didn't think about what I was about to do all the time. I did not believe him, but do now.
    Think of all of this as you sit around, get bored and want to be back in the saddle! Get some good movies and books out, read heaps and be thankful you're not going to miss your WHOLE summer of riding.
    Despite all of the above, you have my fullest sympathy.

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    Jul. 29, 2009
    South Florida


    Allow your body the time to heal. In Jan '07, I had a bad fall, broke 3 ribs and punctured my lung, which collasped. Spent 9 days in the hospital with a chest tube which was the worst pain I've ever endured. I rode again after 3 months.

    Be very glad it's not punctured and let it heal as it could be worse.

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    Jan. 19, 2009
    Pacific NW


    THanks you two! Yes, I'm glad it was not punctured and there was no break that they saw...still heard a huge "pop" when it happened, so I think something might be amiss....

    I am thankful that I am not dead, considering the location, it's a possibilty.... And I do seem to be getting better, so that's good...

    But after a long rainy winter, and with a new horse, I'm ready to hit the trails.... at least I was...

    And at 4 in the morning, I just had to whine...

    I'm also mad at myself for putting myself in the situation that allowed this to happen...

    Thanks for the well wishes!
    Turn off the computer and go ride!

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    Nov. 2, 2001
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    whine away, it's spring and we want to get on with life after this long deep freeze.

    Take the time to study riding. Watch DVDs, read books, make notes.

    Design your own course or free style, or trail pattern what ever you do.

    make a training plan for later this summer.

    make busy in the kitchen, healthy food for man and beast alike.

    learn a new language.

    and of course live vicariously through the COTH crowd!

    Hang in there, take the time to heal.

    (BTW, a nice little book I always recommend: ZEN in the Martial Arts by John Hyams, misleading a bit, it should read ZEN from the Martial Arts, life's little lessons learned while doing karate)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bristol Bay View Post
    Try setting your broomstick to fly at a lower altitude.
    GNU Terry Prachett

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    Hmm...have not bruised a lung, but I did have part of my right lung removed 2 years ago...about 1/3 of the lower lobe.

    I got on my trusty pony 2 weeks post surgery for 5 minutes of w/t/c, which I paid for in pain. Don't recommend that. Was carefully riding again 4 weeks post surgery, and riding at normal levels 8 weeks post surgery.

    Not sure if that helps, or not. FWIW....I still, to this day, occasionally get achy in my rib cage where they had to spread my ribs to get to my lung.

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