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    Quote Originally Posted by kookicat View Post
    Folks, this thread is from 2010...
    I wish people would notice the dates before bumping stuff back up. I blame that similar posts box below, as I figure that must be where these things get dredged back up. Some are useful to see again, but most are like this one, should have remained dead and forgotten.

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    Now I want to know if the guy ever got paid.

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    I would have paid him - after a discussion on how much I think the job was worth, especially if it was an adequate job. I do not expect anything for free from anybody, even when communication is bad.
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    OP last posted in Oct 2012.

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    I once had my manure pile picked up without my knowledge or authorization... it was the guy I've used in the past, but a) my manure area was not full and I would have preferred to wait another month or two for pickup and b) my horses were out in an area the guy needed to drive through (thus opening their gate to the road). Apparently, he was supposed to go to the neighbor and got confused and came to us, and he was good about locking my horses in another area first. But I don't want ANYONE driving through my horse area without my knowledge - if I know someone is coming, I lock them up properly myself. Then, the guy demanded that I pay him the full amount or he wouldn't come back and get neighbor's pile (and he never talked to me directly - I heard this through neighbor). In the end, I paid him because I couldn't find any other options for manure removal, but if I had not needed this service again, I absolutely would not have paid him.

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